Monday, January 4, 2016

Are we Hibernating?

Did you make any New Years resolutions?  Our family did.  Nothing too crazy but we did.

Now I'm told that making New Years resolutions in Janurary is a BAD idea.

Apparently we are like animals and need to hibernate.  So this means we don't want to get out of the house, or be more active, or make big changes.  We want to stay at home and do nothing.  Just sit around and binge watch tv shows and eat comfort food. 

Studies have shown that if you make a big change in your life, it is better to make it in the Spring time.  

That being said, changes that need to be made in the winter are things that deal with your house, or being inside and not doing to much crazy work.

To me, this makes our decision to declutter even better.

We have a huge box at home that is for donations.  There isn't much in the donation box right now, a few dishes from the kitchen and some odds and ends we don't want.  I'm hoping to fill this box and even more in the next little while.

We also have a few clothing bags ready to go at our house.  Our school is going to do bag donations of clothing and shoes.  This is to help people overseas.  I'm excited about this one and we always try to fill up as many bags as we can.  Last year we did some serious downsizing of our stuff before the kitchen Reno.

I'd like to say our main floor is done.  And it is... Well sort of.  We have the Kitchen, Pantry, Living Room, Dining Room, and the Main Floor Bathroom.  What still needs to be done is the Front Hall, Main Hall, Boys room, and the Outside Decks (front and back).

My hope is to get through those rooms in the next month.  Hopefully I can!  I just need to organize and declutter.

In the mean time, my new goals are to not hibernate so much!

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