Sunday, January 17, 2016

Work for Hire

Work For Hire!!

We are now on week 3 of our "Work for Hire" board on our fridge.  It's great!  The boys have been focused on their new bank cards.  And with that, their way to make money.  We have them on an allowance at our house.  It is a dollar for every grade you are in ($5.00 for K and $3.00 for Q).  10% must go to Tithing or Donations.  40% is for spending on whatever they want and 50% is for saving (directly into their bank accounts).  We used to have everything in ziplock bags but now we have it all in the bank.  And I won't lie... Being able to transfer everything to their account is awesome!!  It takes us about 10 minutes every Saturday.  We write down in their accounts book what is going in and why and then we write the totals.   Now the boys can write about their work they do around the house. 

Kyler and Quinton are both saving for something.  What it is?  Who knows!  It changes daily!

Right now they are both working to get as much money as they can.  Each of our "Work for Hire" jobs are worth $2.00 unless it is stated otherwise.  So for things like cleaning the car.  That job is $2.00 except if you vacuum, to Mommy standards, you get a bonus $5.00.

You should have seen their faces when I told them that!  Kyler was so excited for bonus money.  I read them every "job" and told them what they had to do.  We talked about bonus money.  So for example the car thing.  They were excited to hear about the bonus $5.00 for vacuuming.  Then I said, in the summer you can get a bonus of $10.00 for waxing the car.  

K and Q " WOW!!!  $10.00!!!"  A few minutes later... "What's waxing the car?" 

I guess we have to teach them that first!

But for now the inside jobs work great!  I've had my doorknobs and light switches disinfected.  I've had my cupboards wiped down on the fronts and the handles wipe down.  I've had my fridge cleaned inside and out.

This week I'm looking forward to having things cleaned up again.  The boys are doing so well with being responsible with cleaning and getting work done.  It really has been good for them.. And us!

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