Friday, January 8, 2016

Rainy Nights and Bright Lights

I went out for a walk tonight.  It's raining.  It is not that bad actually!  I thought it would be pretty gross but let's face it, sometimes you just need to walk in the rain.

I didn't need steps.  I didn't need the time off of the boys.  I didn't need to "take a break".  I just needed to walk in the rain.

I got to enjoy the beautiful weather.  The +4C weather, with a sprinkle of rain.  I got to enjoy the dark of the night.  I got to enjoy the bright lights.  I got to enjoy having some time out of my house and enjoying some time alone.

I got to see some awesome Christmas lights.  And I'm currently obsessed with taking pictures that make the lights look like circles... Mainly cause you can't see how beautiful they look without taking my big camera out and getting people to look at me funny!


Today was one of those days.  Ever had one?  I have.  ALOT!  Hey now!  You can't tell me that you have never had one of those days.  I'm positive you have.  And if you haven't then.... I'm either bowing before you or... I'm ducking to not get hit when your nose grows!

My battery in my phone seems to die faster and faster so I brought it upstairs and then put it right on the charger.... Which meant.... I left it at home again today.

I got to school and realized I was about to photo copy something for the kids to bring home that said "I'm easy to wrap, just take a crap"...... Yeah.... Back to the computer to fix that one!

I skipped down the stairs and felt my back "pop" on the landing.  One of those funny steps where you can just feel something wrong.  And it's continued to bother me all day now.

I found out a dear friend of mine had a miscarriage and never said anything.  (Oh trust me, she got lots and lots of hugs!)

I worked out in hopes that my back would feel better and my muscles would stop hurting... And it didn't work!

I spent $12.00 on 3 bags of chips cause I was too tried to stop at the grocery store and went to the corner store instead.

I got home to no Diet Coke.

I had to remember grade 5 math!  Ugg....

I had a son come to me so scared because the bbq hood was stuck down and when they started the bbq the lid jumped up *he is fine and his dad was with him*

I have 2 never filling boys... Seriously they are eating more chips now after we finished 12 burgers in our family of 5.

My TV wouldn't work today.  For some reason it kept blanking out nod we had some serious net problems!

My popcorn popper broke.  WORST DAY EVER :)

PLEASE don't get me wrong.  My day had some amazing points!  Kyler informed me his marks had him in the top 5% of his class.  My co-worker got me some amazing lunch, my all time favourite!  Another co-worker shared her amazing coffee with me.  I got home to a dog that wasn't upset for being caged for the morning.  I got to play some online games.  

I got to go for a walk.

Sometimes all you need is rainy nights and seeing bright lights.

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