Sunday, January 17, 2016

Laundry Room Declutter

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have a house to myself for a while.  Arnold took the boys out on Friday night to a Jr High thing.  They had a blast shooting nerf guns and hiding behind cardboard!

Me... I dove into the basement. 

It's horrible.  I need to declutter if we ever want to do anything down here.  And to be honest, I kinda hope that will happen sooner than it really will!

I attacked the laundry room.  I keep telling myself I'm totally going to do this but I really did!  It was great.  I filled up 2 bags of garbage, one huge container of recycling and 1 and a half LARGE bags for donations.  I couldn't believe how many sheets we had.  I mean really, how many sheets does one family need.  We had 6 sets for our bed.  One set was from our wedding... Over 12 years ago!  Wow right?  Someone could use those for rags now!

Anyway... I should have done this before as our school had their annual clothing drive but I just couldn't find the time.  Instead I had the motivation of the Canadian Diabilties Assoiation coming the next morning and that was more than enough!  They do a free pickup at your door.  You just have to place stuff outside (or I put it in my front porch if raining) and they come and pick it up and bring it to the drop off.  I love it!  I do, however, miss the discounts you can get for dropping it off at Value Village.  So sometimes we do that there too.  I was just glad to have a motivation for getting this done.  Below are the pictures of my success!  I was wonderful to get up in the morning and know I wasn't going to trip on anything, or I wasn't going to have any problems getting to the bathroom in the dark.  It's so pretty!

My Linen Closet

Storage Corner

Washer Area

Bottom of the stairs


Linen Closet

Storage Corner, completed now with everything you need for laundry.  And everything on those chairs is for recycling!

Washer Area

Bottom of my stairs.. Those are the donation bags (clear) and the black garbage bag.

I'm really proud of how it looks now!!  One space down, a million to go!

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