Friday, April 1, 2011

I miss Papa

And so it begins:

Tonight we sent the boys to bed. When I came home with "just" Nana and no Papa things were hard, for Quinton.

Tonight things got harder. Kyler was crying and so Nana went in to see what was going on. Kyler missed Papa. Nana had to leave so she didn't cry as well. I had the joys of trying to explain Cancer to my 6 year old.

K - Where is my Papa? I want him home!
Me - Well sweety, Papa has to be there. It's better for him
K - why?
Me - well sweety, Papa had surgery to get better. He was sick
K - no he wasn't (we had just explained that Papa was sick but not the kind of sick that could get anyone else sick)
Me - yes baby, he is. See Papa has Cancer, it's like a germ. The doctors had to get Papa's germs out today. So they cut him open and got the germs out.
K - how?
Me - well kinda like when you were born, the doctors had to cut me open to get you out. They had to cut Papa open to get out the germs , the cancer.
K - oh.

Nana came in at this point and had Kyler do something special for him. Nana gave Kyler Papa's watch, so he could be close to Papa and to be special and hold onto something that was Papa's.

It's hard sometimes to explain to my boys what is going on.

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