Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What do we teach our children?

Today I had a rough day. But to make it worse I ran into a bunch of "kids". I swear... I'm turning into one of "those" people.

We were sitting at the drs office and they were WAY over crowded! IT was crazy. K, Q, and I were all on 1 chair, and that's IF there was a chair. A few people ended up in the hall. I'll be honest I could have given up the chair once and a while, generally when I was about too someone would get called in.

I was shocked at how many people didn't offer to get up. OR took 2 chairs when they only needed 1.

The other thing that surprised me was the amount of little kids in to see the ENT dr who had headphones on blaring music from their hand held video games. Kids that were younger than mine playing on their parents Iphones, or any other electronics.

It might seem rude but I'm happy to say my kids played with the toys in the office, looked through books and did our reading homework while we waited the hour to get to see the dr.

Then we went to Harveys for lunch. Remind me to NEVER go there when the high school kids are on break. They are even snottier than ever!

The boys and I ran in the rain behind the fireman to get inside. One held the door and we followed right behind them to get our supper. Shortly after this high school girl tries to get ahead of us in line... and when I pointed out we were there first she got all snotty.

The part that pissed me off more was that there was 5.00 on the floor shortly after we all got in line. One of the fireman picked it up and gave it to the guy ahead of him. The guy ahead of him said it wasn't his so he turned to the last person in line (a high school girl) and gave it to her. She walked back to the snotty friend and said "I paid with my card and he just gave me 5.00. I'm totally keeping this and not telling anyone, ha!"

Seriously sometimes I want to smack people.

can you tell it was a bad day?

On the positive swing... I'm going to be making sure that my children are taught well.

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