Sunday, February 10, 2013

Victory... in small doses

Today was... well a victory.  A small victory but one none the less.

Today I made it to church, without my parents supporting me and sneaking me in at last minute and out before the service was over. 

Today I made it to church in one piece.

I faced alot of people.  Not that I was afraid of them but more worried about what their reactions would be.  I had a wonderful friend come and sit and chat with me while we were waiting for church to start.  It was nice to know that a bunch of people weren't going to come up and give me the "How aarrreeee you, really?" thing (which I got later).

Then once church was over I had to do something hard.  I know it sounds funny but once church has started the odds that people are going to come up to you and how are things are going is slim to nil.  But after church it's a free-for-all feeling.  I had to go into the fellowship hall.  Not that there is anything wrong but I got the collective "all eyes on who enters in now and go, oh yeah.. awe poor girl" and get those sad looks.  Not fun.

We made some quick stops on the way home and I made lunch (ie microwave what we got from M&M's).  The boys went out to shovel and play.  Mainly shovel around the back wall in case everything melts and our basement floods we want to try and narrow out the chances it's coming from there (good thing the wood is still under everything in the basement).

Arnold and I did some grocery shopping and when I told Arnold to get into a line he got into the express 1-16 items line... which he didn't notice until we were like 2 people away... then I got the "talk" from the cashier, to which I responded... yes I know.  my husband picked the line!  And she was quiet.

We got home and had the boys come in and one had an accident in his pants/snow pants/socks/boots (for any mothers reading... think JUST WASHED snow pants ect).  And the other one came in with a rip in his snow pants and them all soaking wet from playing (but means no putting them in the dryer until sewed up so that the rip doesn't happen more!).

While I fixed the pants and did the laundry Arnold got dinner ready.  Microwaved our Chinese Food for Chinese New Year.  We ate and watched an episode of the boys newest tv show (home improvement).  Then Arnold headed out (Jack had left before for a meeting at work - congrats to my brother.  1 year ago he went to this meeting to "meet" everyone and now he is going for his 1 year!!).

I had the boys clean up, do reading homework (for both), clean out lunch bags (EWWW), and help them sign valentines for everyone they know (or so it feels like).  I guess 4 boxes of 16 that were on sale last year wasn't enough... to bad!

FINALLY it was bed time!  I even got 2 more loads of laundry done, cleaned up and did 20 minutes on the treadmill...

Victory is mine!  In small doses.

Onto the next week!

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