Monday, February 25, 2013

Marriage Mondays ~ Notes of Love

Most, if not all, of these Marriage Mondays will be coming from my point of view.  It's hard to get my hubby to sit down and write something out.  Sometimes things you dream about never happen.  Kidding.  I've actually never dreamed about him writing it my blog.  It would almost be like an invasion of my "world". 

One of the things we learned at our weekend was how to get things done around the house.  They related it back to having children and getting them to do things.  One of the suggestions was to get things done was to put post-it notes across the TV.  Or anywhere that your child spends alot of time.  Have the child complete each post-it note and remove it from the screen. Once they are all removed the child may watch TV or do whatever they wanted. 

When *I* heard this my reaction was "Heck yes!  I could SO use this for K and Q".

But.. when Arnold heard this, it translated into something completely different.

Part of the reason for the Post-it notes was to have the child to complete task when you couldn't be there to walk them step by step.  When you, giving commands, right after each other, isn't possible you could use the Post-it notes.

Arnold took this to heart. 

A few weeks ago all of us were around the kitchen table and the boys were having special pops upstairs.  I wanted my normal diet coke but it was in the basement.  Instead of the boys getting it, Arnold volunteered.  And here's what I got:

Ever since then I've been enjoying being told "you are my sunshine" from my husband and from my youngest son.  Quinton saw how happy I was to get that note and how it's displayed on my fridge.  Now Quinton has taken to writing it everywhere: in the snow; on a window (so you have to breath on it to find the note); on paper from school.  Pretty much everywhere now. 

Another example of how my husband has used post-it notes was just last week.  I had the WORST morning ever.  Things just kept going wrong.  I smashed my foot, didn't have clean clothes, forgot my bp meds and had to go back to the basement, came upstairs to a DIRTY kitchen and laundry overflowing.  It was so frustrating.

I didn't want to have anything to do with my husband that day.  I was mad that he hadn't moved the weight I smashed my foot into.  I was mad that my brother didn't unload the dishwasher... which meant my husband didn't load the dishwasher.  I was mad that Arnold didn't take the time to unload and load the dishwasher.  I was mad that the pots and pans I had used to "slave" over dinner the night before weren't washed (an Arnold job).  I was mad.  I was just completely mad.

Arnold knew it.  He knew there was NOTHING he could to do make me happy that morning.  He even tried loading the dishwasher but he was loading things I had already unloaded and knew needed to be hand washed not put back in again.  He was at a loss.

So as my husband left for work he left me some love notes.  I found this one as I was getting the kids ready for school:

It was so sweet.  I really did smile.

My day got better at school and when I came home with Q and my daycare girl.  I always check the mail and today I got the best thing ever:

It was perfect.  Arnold knew just how to tell me what he wanted to (ie that he loves me and that I'm amazing) even though I wasn't ready to hear it in the morning.

I'm always surprised how I can take one thing (post-it notes for your children to do jobs) and my husband can take it and turn it into something totally different (leaving me love notes around the house).

Today, take a few minutes and leave a love note for your better half.  Tell them something you want them to know.  For some help, something like... I love you; You are amazing; I'm in love with you; Thank you for being you; Take your clothes off..... well that may lead to something TOTALLY different!

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