Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monthly Review ~ Februrary

I was hoping to start one of these every month but January was just a bit insane for this.

Lets see.. Our February went something like this:

We had our service for our son, Otis, on Feb 1st.  It was hard to do but so wonderful to have so many friends and family around.  Arnold's family came from Alberta, and some of our friends came from Toronto, and our family came from everywhere.  We are so blessed to have support from so many people.

Arnold's parents and brother left on Sunday and we headed back to Toronto on the Monday.  The little boy who I did daycare for, his grandfather passed away.  So we went to the visitation to show our support to his mom and dad, and meet their sweet little girl!

That week I tried hard to "jump" back into things.  I wanted to get life as normal as we could.  Not only did we have a short week but we went right into Chinese New Year at school. 

We found out a few things about Kyler and school.  He had a grade 8 bullying him at school and Kyler fought back... by punching him.  So we had to address this.  As well as anything going on since losing Otis.  We decided to seek some help and were able to get into a "Crisis Event Therapy" waiting list.  (We just got the call a few days ago booking K in for a session with them March 6th).

I helped out in Quinton's class as much as possible.  Q's teacher, Mr. B., had jury duty and we had subs all week.  Different ones almost each time and was hard on the kids to not have a regular person.  I was there every day for most of Feb.  I would help with the subs, and what needed to be done, and help with the work that needed to get done.  It was an adventure.  Even more so as February is one of the "busiest" months for a teacher.  There is Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, 100's Day of School, Valentine's Day and finally a bit of calm!

On Family Day Weekend Arnold had asked for a day to himself.  So we made sure to buy everything he wanted and try to have a day off for him.  But plans changed when the boys attitudes got bad.  Instead of going to visit our friends the boys had nap times.  VERY much needed for them. 

We did get to do something fun.  We built a ladder for the boys bunk bed.  They have never had one (and we have had this bunk bed since before Q was born) so this was a new request.  We got the wood, measured it out and went to work.  The boys had alot of fun:

The boys were back to school on the Tuesday and back into the swing of things.  We had Church Photos, a friend's birthday and some serious clothing shopping that weekend.  And Sunday was a nice church day and some relaxing.

In all this time we have also had eye appointments for me and the little boys (and my brother); dentist appointments for the Visser family; a blood pressure appointment for me; a doctors appointment for Arnold; and a hospital visit.  It's been a busy month! 

I've really enjoyed being our "family".  Slowly, I am learning to enjoy my family the way it is.  With my 2 incredible, helpful, amazing boys here on earth to drive me crazy and knowing we have 2 wonderful babies in heaven watching over us.

Every month things will get easier, become more adventurous and begin to thrill me more.  For now, it's learning our new norm.

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