Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ready for Change!

I finally got caught up with all the new food Fridays. I'm glad it's all done. Now anything I make I have to remember to take a photo! I am excited for new meals!

Today the weather has changed. It's been cold before, but there was always the promise of warmer weather since it was still summer. But now, it's fall. Can you believe it? Fall! I'm shocked! I love fall. It's the season that includes some of my favourite things. My parents birthdays, Thanksgiving, My birthday, my nieces' birthdays, my hubby's birthday and Halloween. It's the changing season.

Everything all around has these beautiful rich colours. They always remind me that God added some beauty to fall to remind us that the colours, all kinds of colours, will come again. I love it! Today It one of those days. Our neighbours tree has these rich greens, yellows, oranges and reds. Even some brown. The top few branches are almost bare and let us know that fall is well on its way.

I'm ok with that. I'm ok with the seasons changing. Now if I can only remember that in my daily life. I'm ok with seasons changing in my life. Right?

Yesterday showed me I am ready for change. My son cut his hair. He is 6! You think he would know better, but I"m ok with this. I'm alright that he experiments. I'm alright if he does it. Eventually it will grow back. But I have to admit, with photo day being on Tuesday, this was perfect timing!

I'm ready for change with our "framly" here in Toronto. Our friends, who are like our family, have started to change. The kids are growing up, have things to do other than hang out with my kids, and are becoming wonderful adults. I am so excited to see how some of "my teens" turn out.

I'm ready for change with my new clothes! With fall comes a new season, a new temperature, and a need for new clothes! While I don't have everything I need or want I have alot of things that work. I am so bless to have a mom who is losing weight and can "donate" to me. I now have new clothes for church tomorrow, and new clothes to wear around the house. I picked up a few items I liked and I can't wait to add those into my wardrobe. I love the new clothes, the new season, and the new looks that come with it.

I am ready for change! Right?

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