Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Reminder Of All Things New

I know that alot of the Facebook status updates and Twitter updates were about how people wished spring would come now!  Right now! 

The "storm" we had this week was another reminder of why people want spring.  The slushy weather was horrible.  My boys were told to bring extra socks to school.  On Friday, Kyler even took 3 pairs.  One for when he got there and after each of the recesses.  Smart kid!  He knew he would get wet feet, so there's no point in avoiding it at all.

While the storm is sucky, and the weather isn't idea anymore it's still winter. 

The thing I love about winter is the way things look "new".  When the blanket of snow covers the world and things look fresh, new, white again.

I will always remember this one day I was in high school.  We had early band practice and I needed to get there early enough to warm up.  I remember turning down this one corner on Lakeshore Road and seeing the most beautiful sight ever.  It had snowed the night before and everything was covered in this beautiful white snow.  Everything.  It was such a gift from God to see His grace.  And the reminder that all things are "new".

On our "storm" day this week I was reminded of this again.  While the weather was yucky and slushy and just not nice there was still a reminder of all things new.  New things are coming.  The bulbs are going to be coming up soon, the weather will change and things will be new/warm again!

For now ....

Enjoy the beauty


And just for a smile:


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