Monday, March 25, 2013

Marriage Mondays ~ Do Devotions TOGETHER

When Arnold and I went away for our couples weekend it was really for us to reconnect.  We just needed to check in with eachother.  After everything that our family had been through we wanted a weekend where Arnold and I, away from the kiddos, could chill out and see how eachother were doing.

That's truly what we used the weekend for.  While we were there God had different plans for us completely.

One of them, I'm sure Arnold wasn't too impressed with, was buying alot of books!!

When we arrived, because we booked so early, we got their book "Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti".  I didn't really read it but we brought it to session.  The mores sessions we went to the more I knew I would be enjoying this book right along with them.

When it came to our freetime on Saturday Arnold and I scoped out the book table.  I knew what I wanted, give or take a few books, and we got the devotions book (along with alot of other books). 

We talked about when to start.  Do we wait until after Otis's service?  Do we wait until we can start at the beginning of the month?  Do we start Monday?


We chose to start on the Monday.  Knowing the longer we waited the more chance this book had of collecting dust more than anything.

So we started, and went strong for a few weeks.  We did our devotions at breakfast.  It's really the only meal of the day that we know we will be together.  Some days, we knew it was going to be a quick day I would sit in thebathroom and do the reading while Arnold had his morning shower.  Or he would read while I was making our waffles for "Waffle Wednesday".  We knew we had to get our devotions in.  And it worked. 

This book gave us 5 days of devotions to do in 7.  Which ment for us we did have 2 "spare" days to get caught up if we missed a day.

Well... it happen.  We missed a day, or 12.  We both realized that we weren't getting our devotions done.  We weren't making the time with God and we weren't making our time with eachother and we weren't learning what was ment to be learned in our devotions.

So we got back at it.  We have started our devotion time together.  You can tell the difference.  We can feel the difference.  Just in the short time doing them Arnold and I are feeling closer together and more "aware" what we need from eachother.  It's a great way to learn about eachother as well.  I'm glad we got back at it. 

Not only are we closer to eachother, but closer with God.  And when Arnold and I are closer to God we are better parents to our boys and a much better family.

Do Devotions together.  It could be a short devotions, or something longer.  Maybe something you have done before.  Just get back on the bandwagon and do those devotions. 

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