Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Race Begins...

It's official.  The Race Begins Today!!

You know that race I'm talking about... the one where you are going somewhere and need to get backed up and ready to go.  In our house it actually started on Sunday when I had Arnold take out the suitcases.  Then they sat around for a bit until Arnold put them in the "proper rooms" for everyone.

Then this morning Jack headed out.  He is going home to Sarnia tonight instead of tomorrow with us.  He has a few things he needs to get done and is heading out faster.  So instead of hauling his suitcase with him to work then on the train he packed up his backpack with some PJ's and a days worth of clothes.  We will be bringing his suitcase with us (which is now sitting at the front door so we dont' forget!)

But this afternoon/evening, our craziness begins. 

Today, before bed, I need to get the boys to pack all their stuff for the Easter weekend at my parents house.  Which needs to include 1 "nice" outfit, 1 "semi-nice" outfit, and 2 days of "other" clothes.  Socks, underwear, pjs and "must sleep with toy" are always a must.  As well as their homework (which will come home tomorrow).

Then I need to pack myself up and get ready to go.

But the worst has to be packing my husband.  Mainly cause I don't... and then it's this mad rush for him to get his bags packed.. which always results in "hunny can you grab..." text messages.  Not that it's a problem, I'm just blessed I can be home to do this for him, but also that everyone else sends the same message

So tonight... the race begins.. we need to pack up our clothes and get moving!!  For this weekend we are in Sarnia for the Easter Bunny!!

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