Monday, March 18, 2013

Marriage Mondays ~ "Good Relationships Don't Just Happen"

I've been trying to use my own photos for this but when I found this on Pinterest I knew I had to use it for a blog entry.  Lets just say it sums it all up:

This is so true.  Not just for a married couple but for anyone.  Friendships.  Siblings.  Parent/Child.

I can you tell you about friends of mine.  We were best friends when we were kids.  Our parents were best friends so when both families had 2 girls it was destine for us to be "best friends".  While I may not have always been a best friend to this girl, I would count her as one of my bestest friends right now.  If there was something really driving me crazy she would be someone I would text/call/facebook.  It's not something that happens alot but knowing that relationship is there is so comforting.

Then there's my siblings... oh man!  My brother lives with us (in case anyone didn't know yet) and while he may be in the other room it does take time to have a relationship with him.  It may seem like an older sister being a pain in the ass but hey, isn't that why I'm here?  To make sure things are really going on in his life?

And then there's my kids.  I know we are "bonded" together but I want to meet the mother who has never ever wished she didn't have kids for a day.  Just one whole day to be lazy in bed, not have to do kids laundry, break up fights, keep on top of their homework, worry about them, or just generally being a mom.  Sometimes it really does take a large, healthy dose of patience to love my boys.  They are my world but it does take some thing....

Then there is  my husband. 

There's this little joke about when Arnold asked my parents if he could marry me.  It was the same weekend that my sister got married.  He asked if he could marry me.. my dad's response "If you can afford her you can have her!".  Arnold took that to heart.  He can "afford" me.  He can afford my whims, he can afford my freak outs, he can afford my craziness, my slight OCD.  His greatest payoff?  My love, trust, friendship and patience.

We both have a large amount of patience for each other. Mine might be slightly (ok ALOT) less than his but it's there.  We know that we both have days where loving each other is going to be hard for that day.  We know that the payoff is there.  We have a great relationship. 

It's work, it's real hard work.  But with some time, patience and two people who really truly want to be together (and love each other) it works.

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