Monday, February 16, 2015

The Perfect Valentines Day!

I remember trying to preplan what my future spouse would do for Valentines day.  It was always something huge.

When I was in high school it was something along the lines of: dinner and shopping in London, and some sort of show.

When I was in university it was something along the lines of: dinner and a limo ride to an opera/theater (I liked to pretend that I was super cultured, hehe)

When I was first married it was something along the lines of: dinner, drinking, night "on the town"

When I first had kids it was something along the lines of: find a sitter, have a nice quiet dinner and go home to a house where the babies were sleeping.

When my kids got older it was something along the lines of:  find someone to take my kids for the day, do a breakfast/lunch out and get some shopping done (the kind that is easier without children) and then bring home supper and enjoy at home.  Kids come home before bed.

Now, it's different

Now I love it when the whole family spends time together, however I don't want to cook!  I hate cooking on days I can have off.

I love spending time with the boys.  Having a games day or just hanging out in the same home.  It's great to have nice quiet days at home.

This year hubby didn't do much.  Last year I had flowers and treats from all the boys.  This year we were in Sarnia and it was a bit harder to get things going.  Arnold did buy me beautiful roses this year.
Arnold also bought the kids a special treat.  It's nice to see the example of the man giving things (not that it should always be that way).  The girls each got a chocolate rose and the boys got smarties hearts that they shared with the girls.   Trust me they all had chocolate on their faces!
We really had a great day, and even a fondue!
Next week Friday Arnold and I are thinking about doing our own Valentine's Day.  We have some gift cards for The Keg and we are trying to get a babysitter.  I'm excited to get the chance to get dressed up and go out.  It should be good.  It's nice to have time to go out.
But for now there is no perfect valentine's day.  Every year just seems to be perfect for that day.
Did you have the perfect valentine's day?

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