Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fun times!

We got a nice dump of snow this weekend.  Nothing crazy but it was a good snow storm. 
I will fully admit I miss the crazy times I had when I was little.  I remember shoveling the snow and it being hip height.  It took hours and many many rotations of my mom, dad, sister and I.  It was so fun to make caves and tunnels.
Now you can't.
There are so many real fears now.  A tunnel could cave in.  A cave could be driven over or someone could jump on you while you are under the snow.
Thankfully there are a few safe places for my children.  Arnold and I love having the boys explore our yard.  It is fantastic.  We now have tunnels and caves and oh so much more in our yard.
I try to make things fun for my boys... Even if I'm not playing outside with my boys.  This week we did snowy ice cream!!  It was such a hit!
It was 1/3 cup of whipping cream.  A cap of vanilla. Two big scoops of sugar.
Then wisk!!
Pour it over about 6 cups of snow and mix. 
I had so much fun so I did make it for the kids at school.  They loved it!
Anyway... That's how I have snowy fun!

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