Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 1st - A Month to be Thankful!

There is this fad... every November it seems like everyone on my Facebook feed is becoming ever so thankful.  They post things they are grateful for.  And I love reading them.  It's so nice to see people who are thankful for some of the things I take for granted.

So I'm trying to do the "Canadian Version".  I'm trying to do my on month of being thankful!

Day #1

I'm thankful!  I'm thankful for food!  I LOVE food!  I love how it tastes, how it smells how I can present it on a plate or the table.  I love feeding people!  I love helping people out and I love love love eating!

I also love eating healthy.  A few years ago I read about these sisters who had a new "way of life".  They had a book out called "Trim Healthy Mama".  I bought the book but had a hard time seeing it in person.  Most people I knew who had done anything on plan were online, and I had never seen them.  Some of their results seemed to be in the "too good to be true" group.  And that throws me for a loop.  I want to see in real life people do it!  And when I finally did it was a good kick in the ass to get moving.  I've done pretty well so far.  I'm down just a bit over 10 lbs this summer.  In total, I'm down 30 pounds from July of last year.  I'm excited for that!

Because I love food I have to be careful with what I indulge in.  I'm blessed that my family loves to try out things, and loves me so they just eat it :)

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