Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3rd - A Month to be Thankful!

There is this fad... every November it seems like everyone on my Facebook feed is becoming ever so thankful.  They post things they are grateful for.  And I love reading them.  It's so nice to see people who are thankful for some of the things I take for granted.

So I'm trying to do the "Canadian Version".  I'm trying to do my on month of being thankful!

Day #3

I'm thankful!

I'm thankful for health care.  After Arnold's accident two years ago I could never have imagined the costs of having him in the hospital.  Arnold was in and out of the hospitals, never ending doctors appointments, seeing specialists, lawyers appointments and phone calls all over the place.

Even today.  We are going to another doctors appointment... 2 years later!  How crazy is that.  We are still checking on his health and making sure he is ok.  Thankfully, any problems we have had he is doing better and seems to be continuing in that direction.

I'm so thankful for health care in Canada, and for God's grace in keeping my husband safe.

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