Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am a Mom!

I know revelation right?

Seriously thought, sometimes it's a reminder process.

For Example:

This past weekend I cleaned the house, top to bottom, everything that could be touched was wiped down, cleaned if I could and made nice!

I worked so hard to get the house looking good. And then I realized, I am a mom. There is nothing that will make my house "stay" looking good no matter what I do. Instead I deal with the little things I never thought I would have/get too.

My examples are:

Shoes. My children, alone, have more shoes than I do. I *just* bought a new pair of shoes on Sunday and I think I'm catching up to Quinton's shoe count!

Crayons, on my TV! Of all the places to keep them that's where it seems to be the best spot. Both kids can reach but it's out of arms length for others who visit our house.

Lego... Who would have guessed I'd have so many in my house! And I know for a fact that Arnold wants more than what we have. I was just told we have "no good pieces"... I'm guessing he wants more?


Even though my house may never be clean or look good. I do love being a Mom.

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