Thursday, March 10, 2011

It only took 10 days!

But I'm finally up to date, at least where the look of the blog is concerned!!

Today is the first of 3 "rainy-sunny" days we are to have this week. Arnold and I shoveled out the driveway and sidewalk last night when we got home from church. We got the water moving so fast that it ended up building up at the end of our driveway! Instead of leaving it there (and I'd say it was a good 3 to 5 inches, and growing) Arnold dug down to the nearest drain we had, about 4 houses away.

Only my husband would stand outside in the drizzle/snow/rain for about 20 minutes making sure that all the slush would move freely and allow us to get our driveways cleaned out! Sure enough our water pile now is much much smaller! I'm sure it needs another "digout" but it looks way better than before.

The boys just went down for a "nap", and I use that word loosely! They are chilling out in their bedroom while I start to get our house clean/ready for our fun coming up. Our next few days are going to be crazy. Don't be surprised if I'm not updating for a while. As it stands now our week and a bit look like this:

Friday - K at school, Arnold at home and me at a class in Oshawa
Saturday - K,Q and Arnold go to home depot then come home and hang out. Amber comes and then our babysitters want to go and play in the play place at McDonald's so they are taking the kids over there for a "treat" in the afternoon. Me at a class in Oshawa
Sunday - K, Q, Amber and Arnold go to church in the morning. In the afternoon we are going to hang out. I was thinking maybe a movie?!?!? Me at a class in the morning.
Monday - Official day #1 of march break - zoo day!
Tuesday - Official day #2 of March break - Gymnastics morning then out for lunch, home to rest
Wednesday - Official day #3 of March break - dentist appointment for all of us and then I"m not 100% sure yet
Thursday - Official day #4 of March break - Craft day, and swimming for EVERYONE!
Friday - Official day #5 of March break - Indoor playground! Then home to "rest"
Saturday - amber gets picked up in the morning. I die in the afternoon, haha.

No really it's going to be insane! But I love it! Having Amber here is so much fun and the kids love it. They are counting down the "next" thing until Amber comes.

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