Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Break Camp Day #8 ~ Saturday

This morning the kids got up when Quinton ran around yelling at everyone (think around 7:30am or so). It was crazy! He just wouldn't go back to sleep!

The kids all got up and put their blankets and pillows away and come and eat breakfast. Except Amber. Once we started breakfast Amber told us she didn't feel well. She did throw up a little in the toilet. We managed to get everyone else fed, and in the bath.

Amber moved to the couch in the boys room and stayed there for a bit and rested. The boys had their long awaited and talked about bath. We had said as soon as they got up that we had to have a bath and wash hair today but only Kyler and Quinton made it in.

After bath time Arnold went in and got their clothes for the boys and I got them dressed and kept quiet.

Auntie Jaime came over around 9:30am with her car. We are borrowing it for the weekend. Once she left Amber got dressed, packed up and moved to the living room. She wanted to run around and play but I was a little worried so instead she moved to the couch out here and rested on a pillow until her mom got here around 10:30am.

They were super quick and headed home so that Amber could go to her last hockey of the year. Auntie B (amber's mom) told me that she looked just fine and could go!

The boys and I are now hanging out at home. Arnold headed out to the first 2 cars and we are going to be going to look at a few more today!

And so ends our march break camp!

Next year I'm starting a budget for this week (including something for car repairs again!); getting the older 2 into another day camp at the community centre at the end of the road (they have to be 6 to go).

I'm going to see though... there has been talk about going skiing next march break :)

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