Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday ~ I want a "Do-over"

Monday was crazy!

In the morning Kyler told us he wanted to hand out bags to his "Mr Brown" class. Normally not a big deal but I didn't have them ready so Q and I were going to go and get some stuff. While we were out I figured we would get some gas for the car, bring the library books back and get some new ones, and get some more "itchie meds" for Quinton since he is still breaking out from something.

We dropped K off at school, came home and got in the car. I had packed up all our library books before we headed out and they were in a bag in the car already. We went to the gas station, filled up and I got back in the car to start it and it didn't do anything. At all. I mean ANYTHING! No lights, no turning over, no nothing! I was so mad. The only thin it did do was make the sound of a hard-drive revving (if that makes sense to anyone but my husband). I called the mechanic. Rob said to try and get it started and bring it in and they would look at it asap. I finally found someone to give me a boost and off we went. I even revved it at every stoplight/sign because I was so worried it would stop dead. Rob did offer to send out his tow truck but that might have taken FOREVER so instead I just got there.

When we arrived I backed into the parking spots and brought in our library books inside. Q and I read our books again until it was fixed. The problem was the battery. The last time this car had a new batter was 2006 so I'll say it did rather well! Rob replaced it with a top end battery that has a 6 year warranty. Arnold and I are hoping we don't have the van in 6 years but hey it's good it's done!

Q and I paid and raced out. We got our library stuff done, got some things for a birthday party bags and got some ichie meds. There were a few other things we needed for the birthday bags but we just had to go! So we came home, got back to the house, went to the bathroom and turned around and got Kyler from school.

We came home and had lunch and then Kyler was picked up for his Keli school. We put the bags for his friends in his back pack and he was telling the kids on the bus he had a surprise for them all. He was so proud!

After Kyler got off ok Q watched a movie and played with Kylers toys (isn't that always how it is!) and I went outside to go for a bike ride. Because of all the rain we had this past weekend the garage had flooded. I was so mad. Normally not a huge deal but this time the doors were frozen. I got one open and because the sun was out I tried to open the next door but I couldn't. I pulled, rather hard, and broke the bottom part of the door... in fact it's still stuck in the ice (opps). I got on the bike and was ready to go and I pushed. Nothing happen. I pushed harder, again nothing. Turns out my wheels were frozen in the ground. It was so hard to move them I gave up. Not the workout I wanted.

I came inside and did some more work. When Kyler got home we got supper ready and had a yummy one (I'll share on Friday).

Anyway that was our Monday. I wanted a do-over by the time lunch came around!

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