Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Break Camp Day #4 ~ Tuesday

Today started out so quickly! We were up and moving quickly! Arnold took his bike ride to work again and the kids and I started getting ready to go as soon as we could, AKA 8am!

I dropped the kids off at 9am at the Gymnastics place. I went in and signed them in, we found their teachers then I found out that I needed to bring a snack! Opps! I booked it out of there to the grocery store and got some snacks (teddy grahams, bananas, fruit gimmes and kool aid drink). I raced back and dropped it off. I put their names on them and left them in their rooms. Because I didn't have time to tell them there was a few problems...

For example... Amber couldn't find her own name. And Quinton, well there were 2 of them. And no one bothered to look for a last name! So instead he ended up eating someone else's snack, another Quinton. My Q was *so* upset and the mom wasn't too pleased but what was I going to do about it? pooh! Aside from that they had fun!


That's my one and only photo from the day! The kids after gymnastics

We headed to Harvey's for lunch. They had alot of fun on the spinney chairs.

From there we headed to Bulk barn! The kids got to pick 2 of their favourite ones. We got a SMALL amount and then went to Wal-Mart. The boys needed new rain boots and amber needed a hoodie so we picked those up and headed to the library! I think Amber was impressed we each got 2 books and a movie each! We checked them out and headed home.

Once we got here they wanted to play outside for a while... make that 2 hours. They came in once and a while and had snacks, use the bathroom and visited.

Supper was Q's choice tonight, noodles and meat sauce. We did bath time afterwards and then books and bed. Each of them got 1 treat from their container and they picked their books for me to read.

It was a good day!

Today's Stories:

The kids all had fun at gymnastics and wanted to go back tomorrow.. too bad it's the dentist!

After getting the kids in their seats after lunch and gymnastics Q was so upset about something or other that he was in tears. I pulled over, got out and gave him a hug and some kisses, and he asked for his Dolly. I think the whole morning, with early start, gymnastics, eating someone else's lunch and hearing the mom upset, was a bit much for him. After his little breakdown he was better.

The kids were *so* tired today that when they went to bed the kids were all getting their toys and Amber was so upset she couldn't find monkey. It was snuggling on her head already but she was so tired she couldn't see it.

Well as I said tomorrows plans are:

Dentist at 8am! And then indoor playground for a bit. Arnold gets to spend time with the kids at night because I have youth group. It should be a fun/busy day!

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