Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thank you Tax Refund!

I'd just like to say that today... we paid off our Sears CC! I remember the day I got the credit card. I was buying a sweater or something to wear to a bridal shower in Ontario. I was shopping with my Mother-In-Law and they offered it to me and I said sure.

Things went downhill from there. We put so much on it, paid so much off and then put more on it and more off and... well you know the cycle.

Today I paid it all off! and some. I was asked to tell her how much was the balance and I wasn't 100% sure so I guessed. I was 10 cents off. Hey I'm good with that.

I'm so excited to cancel that card, cut it up and rejoice! With having so much encouragement getting our money under control it's great to have this one paid off. I have so many people who hold us accountable and I love that. My Dad and I talk about money on a semi-regular basis. It's weird and yet nice to have that person I respect and look up to, hold me accountable in things I need to do or get done. And now I can say, Daddy, it's gone! 8 years later and the CC is finally gone!

Next up, my Visa card. We are going to knock it out of here sooner than later. My personal goal... November. My "budgeted goal" March next year. Here's hoping I can beat it!

The rest of our tax refund is going to Arnold and Kylers trip out west to see family members. With tickets being over 1 Grand for 2 people we can't get out to visit much. In fact, I now see why my parents paid for our tickets to come and visit them. There was just no way we could have put that kind of money together!

Hopefully anything else that we have come in will be paying off our next card.

Thank you tax refund, parents, and David Ramsey girls for helping us and encouraging us and partying with us today for paying this one off!!

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