Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Break Camp Day #5 ~ Wednesday

Today started early, REALLY early. I rolled over to find a bright light in the hall. Arnold was up already and walking around. I was trying to remember if the pager was ours this week but nope. Come to find out that it was Amber. The poor girl spit up last night/this morning. She didn't totally throw up but it wasn't good either. I guess eating too much Spaghetti!

Around 4am or so everyone was back to bed. We had another early morning because we had dentist appointments! We were in the car by 7:30am and on the road. We had to pack up Amber in her PJ's and with a blanket. We brought in an extra Tim's cup in case anything else happen to "come up".

We got into the dentist's office right around 8am. Amber curled up in a chair and Quinton and Arnold went right in, shortly after Kyler was called in. Amber and I read some books at the dentist office after I filled out paperwork for Quinton. Q got to try out all the cool stuff in the office and he even showed me what was going on and how to move the chairs up and down.

Kyler had his "picture" taken 3 times in the office. His teeth look great! No problems there. However he does have a wicked cross-bite (I think) and has now been referred to an orthodontist. We are hoping that because his 6 year old molars are already in he should be good to get it fixed now, and if we can/do he may not have to get braces!

Arnold got his retainer off and because they had to bend it a bit taking it off we have to get Arnold referred to the same orthodontist. I'm hoping to get them both in on the same day, if possible!

Quinton got his teeth checked and cleaned and they are "perfect". He also got his photo taken as well. He has 1 tooth in the front that is being a big problem so this was to make sure there was no infection.

I'm ok.. I MUST floss every night and brush every night. AND now I need to do a mouth wash to help out with cleaning AND whitening! Hopefully I can get into this!

The boys go back in 6 months and Arnold and I have 1 year.

Let me tell you.... almost $600.00 later that was one costly visit! We did send the forms into GWL already and hopefully we can get the money back ASAP.

The Dentist took over 2 hours!!! So we had to skip our indoor playground visit that we were doing today with our neighbours. I left a little note in their door saying we didn't think we could go because Amber had been sick. It worked out better that way, I was able to drive Arnold to work, take my time getting home and we lazed ALL day long!

We got home and they had fruit loops that I had packed but forgot! Then lunch was about a half hour later or so. Amber didn't have much because, even though in the middle of the dentist appointment she said she was feeling better, I didn't want to clean up puke. So we took it easy with Amber's food.

We watched all their movies from the library (thank goodness we had that visit yesterday!! Franklin, Treasure Planet, and Hoot). We then had nap time. They chatted for a bit then went to sleep shortly afterwards and slept for a while. They all managed to fall asleep on the way home from the dentist as well so they already had another nap going for them.

Q got up around 5:15pm and I started making plans for supper. We ended up ordering pizza again but not until about 6:30pm or so. We all walked over and got pop and our pizza. It was yummy. We watched Spy Kids 1, 2 and 3.

In fact the kiddos JUST went to bed now! (10:15pm) We managed to get our bedrooms clean, beds ready, teeth brushed, clothes away and Arnold and I got the kitchen clean, bags beginning to pack for the zoo tomorrow and a few other things during our 15 minute break! It was perfect!!

Today's Story:

I forgot my camera for our dentist appointment! I was so mad. I did say something to the dentist and he told me he had a camera and could take a photo and send it to me. IT was in my e'mail account before I even left the office! Check out Q's first visit to the dentist:


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