Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Break Camp Day #1 ~ Saturday

I honestly can't say much about this weekend. I've been gone at a DONA Birth Doula class. It was so exciting and informational for me!

But as far as my family goes:

The boys (Arnold, Kyler and Quinton) left the house early in the morning and went to Costco and Home Depot. They were too early so they went to the park and played for a bit before everything opened.

The boys headed home afterwards and shortly after Amber arrived. The boys were so excited to see her and so happy she was there. Arnold fed them lunch and 2 of our babysitters came over. The brought them to McDonald's to play in the play place for about and hour and a half or so. And they had a blast!

When they came McDonald's, Arnold played around the house with some Lego and eventually played a few video games.

I came home around 6:30pm or so and got to hang out with them. We read some books for bed time and off they went to sleep.

I use "sleep" lightly! I think the last talking was around 10pm or so?

Favourite story of the day:

The kids were playing their own version of "The nutcracker" that Nana takes them to every year. At one point the two "kids" were fighting over Q and one said Amber said "He is MY Nutcracker". And Quinton yelled out "I AM Human!" It was so funny!

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