Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Break Camp Day #2 ~ Sunday

We had fun! Today was the "time change" HA it didn't make a difference with these kids.

I was up around 7am and the kids were up shortly after. Arnold got up about 7:30am and we started breakfast with the kids. I had a quick shower and after getting Amber's hair done into a french braid "because her mom can't do one (Bec, you have to learn how)" the kids got ready for church.

I was running a bit late that morning. I managed to get into class about the same time as everyone else because of the doors being locked still.

Arnold left with the kids to go to church the same time I headed out 8:15am. They were heading to church. They had to walk a bit and Amber's shoes were a bit too small and her heals are all blistered now. Every kind of walking hurts. The poor girl! We are going to get some new shoes tomorrow so we can go and do the zoo this week without too much pain!

The kids had a blast at church and on the TTC all over. It was really cool! They came home and had some lunch and played around a bit.

When I got home from my class (the last day was a half day so we were done by 1pm) the kids were playing on the ground with some Lego and having fun.

Arnold left on a "mission". We needed to get a booster seat for Amber to sit in and he wanted to check out the pawn shop and see if they had any new cool games for the kids.

While he was gone I got the kids all dressed up in their outside clothes (snow pants, winter coats, hats, mittens, scarfs, gloves the whole thing) and sent them outside to play. They had so much fun with the driveway being empty! It was wonderful for them. They played for about 45 minutes outside then came in all wet!

I got their coats and stuff that was wet or dirty in the wash and we played around a bit more. The kids had so much fun with the old balloons from K's party. I'm thinking of getting some more just for my entertainment value!

I started up the bread maker for the pizza dough and got the kitchen ready to go. While we were waiting for it to cook we took the kids on a quick walk around the block. The kids were "tired" when they got home. Seriously, they have so much energy still!

We made pizza for supper and watched a movie on TV. The kids then had a bath.

Our plan now is to have some N64 game time and then bed. I'm thinking about a half hour or so. It's surprising how late it has to be to get dark now!

I'll update the post after the kids go to bed!

ETA - The kids went off to bed about 5 minutes ago (so almost 10pm). They were *TIRED*. It was so bad. We read some stories, did some counting in some books and sang some songs.

The kids went to bed rather quickly and were in good spirits. Amber told us she was going home tomorrow. Kyler kept telling her she has a few more days. She seemed ok with that, so that's good.

Funny Stories:

No real funny stories today, more observations. Q is having a hard time. Now he isn't the only playmate and is having it rough with 2 older kids. Arnold and I involved him a bit more in supper making and set him up with a movie instead of having him sit there and watch the 2 older ones play N64 on the TV. Thankfully he is doing ok with it all.

Tomorrows plans:

Amber and I are doing some "girl shopping" tomorrow. I'm excited for that! hopefully we can make it a yearly thing. And she wants a different toothbrush than the one I got her.. it's too "non-girly"! And we are going to hopefully pick up some new rubber boots for the boys sometime during the day. And then we are going to see Gnomeo and Juliet around 1pm. Supper at night is Chicken nuggets and smily face fries! Ambers choice. Hopefully the kids like it all!

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