Friday, November 26, 2010

But Mom, It's Pizza Day!

Today is pizza Day at school. the first one this year. And once I realized it (around 8:35am) I asked K if he wanted to go. No pressure as he and I believed it was going to be a nice stay at home day. But nope as soon as pizza was talked about he was booking it to his bedroom to get dressed and ready to go for the day! What a silly boy!

We made it to the school just in time (including being dressed, opening the door and realizing it was FREEZING and going back in and getting our snowpants on). He went into school telling me his legs hurt but that he was ok. Too much activity running to school!

So Q and I are home today. I've cleaned and disinfected all the light switches, main touching halls and knobs on the doors. I've got the entire front hall done and the living room. I just need to get the laundry to keep up. We had a few things that were yucky smelling in the laundry that needed a few extra times in the washing machine and now we are getting there. It's been gross out! At least things are getting a bit better.

I have to finish up the kitchen, clean the bathroom and wash the sheets from our bed and we should be "clean" again!

Oh and good news of today? It's SNOWING!!!! Not enough to do anything but the flakes are falling!

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