Monday, November 1, 2010

A post about me

After completing my Tri in August I took some time off training. I enjoyed the craziness of the month and got back into the swing of things in September. My biggest problem. I got sick. REALLY sick. And all that pre-planning for my training went out the window as fast as warm air on a cold day.

It was so upsetting. I worked so hard to get my life in order and I'm pretty sure God was telling me to slow down. So I did. Since then I've rearranged a few things in my life and a few things have been rearranged for me.

Instead of following my super strict plan of getting the P90 workouts done by Dec 20th I've barely even started. Instead of going for a walk every morning I've barely had time. And instead of swimming as much as possible, I *just* got back in the pool this week.

August 30th I started working on my 'big plan'. It's been a few weeks (9 actually) and I've lost some weight. A total of just shy of 10lbs. Not too bad but not where I wanted to be. In fact I wanted to be closer to 15lbs. But I guess about 1lb a week isn't so bad.

I've finally had some time to get myself back into the swing of things. And Arnold has been a big help. I'm trying to keep up with everything but I'm so cold in the morning to go for walks and it's been getting so dark so fast I haven't had time. Here's how my week looks now, after getting my ducks in a row:

Mondays - Walk and bike in the garage
Tuesday - walk and swim
Wednesday - walk and bike in the garage
Thursday - walk and swim
Friday - walk and bike and maybe swim, if possible
Saturdays - off
Sundays - off

Our November is turning into a bit of a crazy time but I'm sure I'll enjoy it anyway. As for now Arnold is gone this weekend to a Sr High retreat, then next weekend is Promise Keepers, the weekend after Arnold AND I are gone (thank you Nana and Papa) on a Jr High retreat with the church and then the weekend after is men's breakfast and I'm finally going to get some time to take a breath, I hope! And maybe finish decorating.

Anyway needless to say we are going to be a bit crazy this month but I plan on sticking to my workout schedual, maybe I'll see more of a weight loss!

Here's hoping!

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