Monday, November 29, 2010

New Food... from a while ago!

I finally found the cookbook I used back in Sept/Oct. I wanted to share the 2 that I did from there. I have posted them but as always, they post back on the days I got the posts ready... so here you will find:

New Food #49 - Dijon Steak and Potato Stew

New Food #50 - Sweet and Sour Noodles'n Chicken

On Tuesday/Wednesday I will post my next 2 new ones and we can see how many new foods my family can try this year. I can't believe we are up to #65 already! My goal was to make 40 to 50 new ones and I'm past that!! It's great! hopefully next year I can do something just as yummy!

I also have some cookies to share with you. We are delivering our cookies to our teachers at schools this week and I'm hoping to post the finished products soon!

Have a great and yummy day!

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