Friday, November 26, 2010

Wish Lists

As this "time of year" comes around people begin asking for wish lists. We don't have big ones in our house, but we do have some.

I'll start with the boys:

Quinton's Wish List:

A Santa Costume (seriously!)
Puppets **
Tools **
A tool belt
K*nex **
A Robot that moves on it's own

Kyler's Wish List:

A remote control Airplane
Skiing lessons and Ski's (sp)
K*nex **
Puppets and theater **
A Robot that moves it's arms

Arnold's Wish List:

A Gyroscope
Metric Wrenches - 9*, 11*, 16 and 17 mm
Side Cutters
Small Vice to clamp to table
Park Chain Checker Stretch Gauge CC-2C
Park Tool Crank Puller - CCP-22
Park Tool Professional Cable & Housing Cutter - CN-10C
The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair: For Road & Mountain Bikes
Lezyne Micro Floor Drive High Pressure Pump
Park Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Cleaner
Park Tool PFP-4 Professional Mechanic Floor Pump

(As you can See this year Arnold actually got a list!! It's surprising... and if you chose to buy something off his list PLEASE buy JUST what is above. These will go with his new bike and he is more picky than a girl getting her prom dress!)

Miranda's Wish List:

Canning Funnel
Silicone cooking things (spoons, spatulas, ect)
Baking sheets
Fabricland Gift Card
New Computer
Canning for Dummies
"Fun" ankle socks (for my boots since my running ones fall off my feet in my boots!)
Chlorine body/hair wash
Christmas Dishes
Gravy Ladle and Gravy boat
New set of flannel sheets for our bed
A new ring that fits me
Diamond earrings (I'm borrowing my moms right now)
New pj pants and shirt
Sewing lessons and a babysitter to watch the kids while I go.

Now Thankfully my kids can't really read yet. So things that have ** are ones they are getting for sure (Santa shopped early this year) but can and would love more of. And things that have 1 * are the ones Arnold ~REALLY~ wants.

For me... I'm good with anything! It took me a while to come up with the list I've got!

Oh yes, there are some things I wish they would have Like another flat board for the duplo (when friends come over it's upsetting to the one who doesn't get one), and a GOOD belt (leather) for the boys.

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