Saturday, February 26, 2011

What does a "Mom" do?

Today I had a client visit. I love client visits. The have to be one of my favourite things in the world. Seeing new parents so excited to meet their little ones and to be so happy that the time is coming closer and closer. It truly is a wonderful event for them in their lives.

Today I was telling my clients that they should call or text with any questions they have. The mom asked me if I did anything else that she might be bothering me from if she called or text-ed. My response - Nope! I'm just a mom!

Just a mom... wow... I got thinking, what is just a "mom" what does a mom do?

Well for me it includes anything from:

alarm clock
giving kisses
morning hugs
breakfast maker (not normally in our house but sometimes!)
school prepper
homework helper
nose blower
toothbrush singer (seriously, I sing the ABC's every morning so they brush their teeth)
face checker
escort to school
encourager as he goes to school "have a great day hun, today will be better than yesterday"
snack maker
wiping tears
giving hugs and snuggles and more kisses (BTW mom kisses don't wipe off... EVER!)
making the beds
cleaning the bathroom
walking to and from school to bring kids home
making lunch
driver to activities
briber (Q if you put your head under the water, you can have a treat!)
nap time enforcer
dinner maker
bath time prep-er
reader of bed time stories
more kisses, more hugs and more snuggles.

Those are my favourite moments.

Sometimes, as of late, a job as a "mom" includes more than this. Lately it has been more of a :
temp checker,
timer for food (every hour you can have more to eat)
"sick pop" pour-er
nose kisses to not get anyone sick
hand washer
vomit cleaner

As much as these jobs suck. There is no other job in the world I would want.

To summarize, just a "mom" is more than people think. It's a full time, underpaid job. BUT the rewards are over the moon. On my Facebook page I have this in my "about you" section:

I'm a Wife and Mother. These include such things as: sculpting and shaping the generation to come; primarily responsible for daily operations, including accounts payable, inventory, receiving, and personnel management. Activities include but are not limited to nurturing, lactating, cleaning, diaper changing, potty training, schedule coordinating, cooking and laundering. Other duties include general maintenance, procurement, waste management, resource allocation, food preparation & nutrition evaluation, and health & wellness screening. Continuing education required, vacations optional and unlikely. Skills gained in multi-tasking, working one handed, foreseeing meltdowns. Exceptional work in the areas of creating, birthing, and feeding a human. Future plans include teaching, guiding, loving. Rewards are phenomenal.

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