Thursday, February 10, 2011

100 Days of School

Today was Kyler's 100 days of school. We were asked yesterday to come and visit and help out! ALWAYS! I love helping out. I don't get to do it because I have Quinton and they have a policy that you can't bring in kids that aren't of school age.

Last night Q got sick so Arnold ended up staying home with him. Quinton was so upset to miss out on his very first "100 days of school" day but I know he had fun with his daddy at home.

K and I got up, had breakfast and got moving for the day. We headed to school and then into the school we went after the line got inside. I made sure they still needed my help and the kids went in, took off their boots, and got their indoor shoes on. They also have pictures with their faces on them and moved them into the "IN" section at school. Then got their library bags and headed back into the hall to stand on the bench. They sang O Canada and headed upstairs to the library. There were 2 late kids so I waited with them then headed them upstairs to the library.

When I came back down I started labeling staplers for Mr Brown and got the table I was working at ready (making paper chains). I helped find all the red crayons for the one group and got the stamps ready for his other group. We then waited for the fun to begin. Eventually all the kids started coming back from the library. I helped bring them in the door, put their books away and shoo them off to the carpet.

Mr Brown put stickers on their shirts with their names, who their teacher was and what number they were and then they went to each section. There were 7 stations for the kids to play in and they had a blast.

I had a grade 7 helping me with the kids and she seemed to enjoy it as well. My favourite was being called "Kyler's Mom" It was fun that's for sure. Something I would love to do again. Hopefully next year I can help out in Kyler and Quinton's classes.

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