Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Snow Police

Did you know the Snow Police live here? I know! I was shocked too but Arnold learned the hard way this weekend that they do live here.

The boys were out playing and Q came in first being cold and tired and wanting to warm up. I got him all undressed from his outside clothes, on the couch with warm milk and popcorn.

Then the other boys came in. Quinton FREAKED OUT! The Snow Police live!

I guess I should explain some back story. Last year when we started school and had our first experience with snow we had to deal with bringing snow in the house and how much I *hated* that. To get them to stop bringing so much in I would have them stop their feet.

It worked for a while, until they learned how to make snowballs.

Then the mittens were COVERED in snow. So to add to the "Stomp your feet before coming in the house" we added "Clap your hands". Soon we would stand at the door and say "Clap your hands, stop your feet then come on in".

To make it fun this year I just started saying:

Clap your hands
Stomp your feet
Do a little dance
and Come on IN!

And it suck. Every day we get home from school, or from being outside we all sing our song.

Well the Snow Police came in the form of Quinton and he freaked out because Kyler and Arnold didn't do a little dance. So there in the front hallway of our house, my husband and oldest son did a cute little dance twirling around and then were allowed in the house.

I love my family!

In other news... Q and I were invited to help out tomorrow with 100 days of school! They need another parent to help get the kids to go from classroom to classroom and since they don't have a second TA they asked me! Quinton and I are going to go in with Kyler and his class and help out as much as we can. Q doesn't totally understand but I see him being SO excited! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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