Monday, February 21, 2011

The Police Came To Visit!

Let me start this blog post by saying that the boys have been home sick most of the weekend. Our big plans to go places have just crumbled down to nothing when Arnold and I could hear their coughing. It's insane! Instead we are having a calm weekend at home.

Friday, we had K's hearing tested at Sick Kids, then home and picked up Q and went to Costco for lunch. I went and got my eyes tested and Arnold went to the chiropractor (good thing he lives so close!). We both met back at the front of Costco and went in and did our shopping, which included new PJ's for the boys, a new coat for Kyler, bread, milk, toilet paper, and the boys vitamins. We headed home and the boys had a nap.

Saturday, Arnold went and helped friends of ours move and the boys and I stayed home. They had a morning nap and didn't do much else. Once Arnold did get home we went to Bulk Barn to stock up our "junk tin" that the boys use for their snacks every day. The boys got to pick 2 things each of their own. It worked out nicely. We came home, had lunch and another nap. Supper was later than normal (around 7pm) and then they went to sleep.

(Notice the lots of nap thing?)

Sunday morning we were getting ready for church and you would wince at the coughing going on. It was craziness! Instead the little men and I stayed home and Arnold went to church. The boys lazed in bed most of the day and had another nap in the morning, then a bath (since we had put on all the vicks vapour rub we could find) and got into their "daytime clothes". When Arnold came home we jumped into the van and went to lunch with our Landlord, Steve. We had so much fun. 2.5 hours later we left, full tummies, and some, and a good idea where we were going with this house. It was perfect. We came home and the boys had another nap! And then Arnold headed out around 5pm to go to church and help with the evening service. The boys and I watched a movie and I got back into my scrapbooking. In a matter of minutes after telling the boys it was time to go to bed they were zipping around the pull out bed and running as fast as they could and it was just CRAZY! So when Daddy came home and we saw the snow and my little boys convinced me they weren't "tired" we packed them up into their winter snowsuits and shoved them out the door. Arnold followed shortly after....

And this is where the police came in.

Keep in mind it's 9:30pm on a Sunday night. NO ONE else is outside and it's not too dark because of the new snow on the ground. My kids are yelling and screaming and throwing snowballs at their dad. Arnold got out their sleds and were whipping them around on the road (which did make Kyler tip at one point, lose his gloves, and come inside telling me daddy made his hands freeze off! - new pair of gloves and some kisses and he was good to go again) and generally having a fun snowball fight.

I was in the house watching a movie and peaking out the bit of window uncovered from the blinds and then I saw a police car. All I could think of was "Great... someone complained about my kids being too loud and now we are getting in trouble". I waited for a bit and then saw the lights. It seemed a bit odd but hey, whatever works right. About then I figured I should go out and see how things were going. It was our old landlord, Rob, who is a police man. He was visiting his parents (2 doors down) and saw that our kids were outside playing around in the snow. He wanted to come by and see how we were doing and show the kids the lights. He said he was going to come over and tell Arnold he got complaints of an adult throwing snowballs at little kids! Either way the boys had a blast! They really liked seeing the lights. It was so nice of him to stop by.

The boys got in the house and in bed by 10:15 and were OUT shortly after. IT did buy us about an extra hour or so before they were up again this morning. Thankfully. It's nice to sleep in until 7:30am every now and then!

Today, our Family Day, is being spent shoveling, napping, and cleaning. Tonight we are making "home made pizza" thanks to the bread maker!! I'm very excited. I'll let you know how it turns out later.

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