Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp Heslop 2011 Day #1 - Sunday and Day #2 - Monday

Now comes a week of "Relaxing". Mom blogs for me!


We were up and on the road by 9 am to get to the Pinery. The campers were really excited about going camping and going to the beach. We headed out to get gas and during the drive to the gas station we realized that we forgot a few important things like sparklers. Quinton was quite put out that we could forget something that important. Miranda offered to go back to the house and pick up the sparklers and some non frozen juice boxes. We being in the slower vehicle headed off to the pinery. Our campers, Quinton and Lisa were talking away about the beach and camping and suddenly it got very quiet, we were hardly at Mandaumin side road when they fell asleep. We met up with Miranda, Kyler and Amber where Lakeshore turns into 21. There was hardly any air movement because the windmills were only moving slowly. We should have realized that that meant a very hot and muggy day ahead.

Arriving at the Pinery we were not able to get our site because it was too early, but we had planned that already and so hauled all kinds of stuff to the beach to hang out until we got bored and then were planning on going back up to see if the campsite was empty so we could set up. Papa got his fill of the beach and he went up early, when the site was empty he got everything all set up for us. Our site had small set of stairs that lead to a sandy landing that was probably meant for a tent, but it ended up being a perfect big sandbox for the campers to play in. The RV was so cool inside because of the air conditioner and as fate would have it the condensation from the air conditioner ran down the awning and dripped off one corner. The kids were so funny catching drips in their mouths or standing under it and letting the water soak their hair. The walkie talkies were the biggest hit with the kids making a game of tag using them. "I am coming to get you, I know where you are." sounded almost sinister through those things.

We had a camp fire supper, fun coloured flames; and sparklers before bed time. The campers slept four in the bed, probably not something they will be able to do much longer as they are getting older and papa and I slept in the small bed at the front. Miranda slept in a tent outside. There was a big storm in the middle of the night, but none of the campers woke up at all.

Lisa - she loves the water and would just walk out and meet who ever was out their and would hold her. She did have a bit of problems getting back in because there was a small step in the sand to pebbles that she couldn't navegate, so she would crawl over them and then stand up on the shore line. She was so proud of her self for being independent.

Amber really likes the beach. She was really into the goggles and shorkel. She is getting to be a little fish in the water.

Quinton is not so much a water guy, but he is very content on the beach. He dug holes and made all kinds of things out of sand. He has a great imagination and the ability to make fun no matter where he is.

Kyler is another fish. He is also turning into a very caring big cousin. He was always the one who would meet Lisa and walk with her into the deeper water or take her to the shore. He would fetch anything she wanted. He has a real caring nature.


We started our day with breakfast and then a got everything ready for another day on the beach. The weather was really different, not as not, but really windy. We offered the campers two choices, time on the beach or going to the river for a paddle boat ride. After walking with papa to the beach to see the wave they decided they wanted to go back to the beach. Once again we packed up all the supplies and headed down to the beach. We are real traffic stoppers on the board walk through the dunes. It was really windy and so we had to use the umbrella as a wind breaker. The older kids loved jumping the waves. Lisa was not impressed and cried because she couldn't get in the water and every time she did the waves knocked her over. It took a great deal of convincing to get her to play in the sand and give up on the water. We stayed until after lunch and then packed up to head back to the site about oneish. Papa came down to meet us and he already had the camp site knocked down. Everyone got cleaned up and we were off to Sarnia. Once again the little campers were sound asleep minutes down the road.

We all worked really hard when we got home and the trailer and van were unpacked and most everything was put away. The laundry was started and papa had the rv vacuumed out. Amber needed a break from the activities so she crawled into her bed and had a big sleep. She didn't get up until supper was ready. The rest of the campers headed to the pool for a cool off swim. It is funny but the most loved pool toys, besides the flippers and goggles is a baby boat. Even Kyler forces his legs through the little leg holes and paddles around in it. The slide is getting a work out with Kyler being the most inventive when it comes to things to take down the slide with him. Quinton is spending more time in the water, but he still loves just sitting on a little chair on the deck being a sort of lifeguard for the group. They boy can start a mean waterfight, with even little Lisa figuring out how to use the water guns.

We had pizza for supper and lots of play time. They were in bed asleep before ten which is doing really great for us.

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