Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Camp Day #3 - Tuesday

This morning we didn’t have anyone wake us up but you could hear little feet! At least ones that belonged to our early riser! Q was up when Daddy got upstairs. They had breakfast together and I came upstairs. Slowly Q was able to get Kyler and Amber up. It was around 7:20am or so by the time we had breakfast. Then it was brush your teeth and get your shorts and shirt on. I did laundry last night and washed everyones socks, shirts and clothes they wore yesterday. Except Quintons! He put his shirt in the laundry basket and not in the washing machine  Oh well. It’s ok for today. I’ll wash their shirts again tonight.
We did read a book and call a 1-800 number and got to listen to a new story today. I’m thinking every morning we will call in for a new story.

Now the older kids are getting their soccer stuff on and I’m going to get ready to go and do some more painting! Hopefully I can finish up today!

Today I got LOTS of photos of soccer camp and even got the rest of the painting done in the nursery! I love it!

We drove home Miss Susan today from church. Q fell asleep in the car. Even my “tell a story” trick didn’t work. So he had a short nap. We got home and got into our swimming suits and the kids headed out the back door. I washed their clothes from today and then started on supper.
When Arnold came home from work we gave the kids a 5 minute warning. They came in and got changed into “daytime clothes” and I washed their bathing suits. The kids all went for a ride around the block with Arnold and then got to bike on their own. I finished up supper, got each plate ready and waited. Eventually we called the kids in. It was a *super* late supper but it’s ok.

It’s now 7:15pm and the kids are still eating, seconds and thirds for some of them. We were just having a conversation about what they wanted to do when they got bigger. Quinton didn’t answer, Kyler wants to be a police man and Amber wants to be a baker! How cute!

The kids finished eating and got changed into PJ’s and went outside just for a few minutes. They all came back in and had their dessert. They love bulk barn candy but we are starting to get down in it! After that it was time to brush their teeth, read a book and off to bed. They were all in bed by 7:45pm. Sleeping didn’t happen until about 9 but that’s better than before!

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