Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 9th - Saturday - Painting!

Q and I were up early. We hit up McDonald's and got some breakfast and then went to the church. We let Arnold and Kyler sleep a bit longer. Q and I had breakfast and painted some more! I can't wait for this to get done! We ran out of paint... again :(

Kyler and Arnold showed up later (like 10am) and checked out the electronic stuff and made sure it was all working just fine. We finished up painting together at 4pm and headed home. Arnold and I worked on the basement.... again. And we stopped at RONA again... We picked up the carpet cleaner and a few other things. It was perfect!! We had alot of fun cleaning the carpet it looks GREAT now! I'm so happy with it and how it all turned out, painting the walls and cleaning the carpets and such.

We ordered pizza for supper at night. I was just too tired and it was too hot to cook!

Q and K helped me water the gardens before it got too dark and we got a few more things ready to clean up and ready to go for the next day!

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