Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 11th - Monday to July 15th - Friday

It was our only "typical week" this summer.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, Anna came to babysit from 8am until 9:30/10am. It was so nice! I loved being able to swim and work out without worrying about the kids. Our day generally went like this:

8am - anna over
9:30/10am - Mom home and making sure the kids are ok, I had a shower and they watched a movie or played. (remember this is during the hot and humid streak)
noon - Lunch time!
2pm - nap
5pm - supper

Monday night we went to church and helped set up some IKEA stuff for the nursery
Tuesday night we stayed home
Wednesday - we went to the zoo almost all day! It was so much fun
Thursday - got ready for our crazy week
Friday night - watched a movie outside with the boys. SO much fun!!

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