Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 2nd - Letters To Eachother

Arnold's email - July 2nd:

We started the day bright and early Kyler was up for 6:00 ish, we went upstairs to see if anyone else was up, no one was, so we started trying to get their Wii working, while we did that Kasmira came up and we got everything figured out, so Kyler and Kasimra played some Wii Playground until a few more people woke up. When everyone was up around 7 or 8 we started breakfast, pancakes with fruit.

Then it was outside to start getting things ready, Us boys got the garage doors open and pulled out the equipment and figured out who would drive which vehicle. Kyler chose to ride the orange quad (surprise) And I was quite familiar with the workings of that unit so we all agreed. Chris had his speed machine and Grandma and Grandpa got a rhino each. Jason changed the oil in his smaller quad so that he could ride that one. With everyone assigned, Grandma and Jason finished arranging the picnic food. hot dogs and chips and loaded it all into one of the rhinos. The other rhino was setup with a blanket in the back and two of the girls started out there.

Around 9:00 we all loaded up and rolled out, we started by cruising down the gravel road for about 15 minutes before we got to the cut line we were going to follow. The gravel road was pretty dusty and we had to keep nearly 300 meters of space between vehicles to be able to see. When we got to the cut line, Chris told us to have fun and promptly dove his quad into a puddle. Kyler was a little nervous but more excited, hey was sitting behind me on the quad at this point. We started to drive down the cut line for a bit, kinda bumpy terrain, but mostly easy stuff, we stopped after about 15 minutes and took a look around and talked for a bit about how the machines worked and stuff. Kyler asked to go ride with grandma and the girls for a bit. I got an empty quad at that point so I took the opportunity to push the machine a little and learn more about it's handling. After a bit we got to our first of many gulley's or narrow ditches, depends on what you want to call them. Mom was pretty worried about going down, but Jason and Grandpa just told her to go for it. We cruised for a while watching Chris go jumping into different puddles getting stuck. When Kyler was on my quad, we went to winch Chris out, he LOVED it. after that Kyler was very disappointed if a 'rescue' was done by a vehicle he was not in. after about 2 hours of playing around, dropping into puddles and the like, we arrived at Rod's Log Cabin in the bush, we all looked around, it was a pretty rotten/rundown place, but you could see Rod and the boys had been working on it. The kids found a toad near the creek and caught a butterfly or two while Jason started a fire and Grandma got out the food. We cooked up our hot dogs and realized we had forgotten condiments, but oh well.

After Lunch Chris, Kyler and Kasmira each grabbed a tree and up they all went, Chris went nearly 4 or 5 stories up, Kyler went up 2 or 3 up and Kasmira 1ish. Kasmira asked Kyler and Chris if they could see her house (they could not) Then it was time to pack up and move on, Kyler followed Jason to the creek to get a bucket of water for the fire.

We headed out again, this time Kyler rode with me again, this time between my legs, I guess he had left my quad because he couldn't see. Soon after we left he started telling me how I was controlling the quad and asked if he could drive. From that point on, he controlled our speed and I held the end of the handlebars and "helped" him steer (I also did the shifting). He loved doing that. We pushed deeper down, Jason and Chris wanted to show us the big beaver dam. After about another half hour to an hour we got to a huge "puddle"/"lake" that looked deep and went from one side of the cut line to the other. Jason drove his quad around the edge of it, it looked like he was trying to float it, but he got stuck with water up to the fenders, he stood on the seat and called for someone to come 'rescue' him. I was told my machine was the best equipment to try that section, so I gave K to Grandma and off I went, I got through with a bit of splashing and pushing the machine through, even though it felt like I was going to sink the machine all the way down. Then I turned around, tossed J a winch line and tugged him the rest of the way. Chris decided it was his turn to have a go, and he took off going nearly straight into the puddle... and stopped dead, and sank... down to the seat, his engine died and Chris jumped off in belly button deep water. He pulled his quad back to dry ground and tried to start it but couldn't. He decided to work on it while everyone else crossed. Next, Jason said it was Mom's turn, so with all the kids on board, Grandma followed the track the Jason and I had followed, but she got her rhino stuck, we fought with it for a while and tried pulling out with a tree and with my quad, but nothing was heavy enough. The kids started freaking out in the back so Jason tossed them all to me and I put them on solid ground, and Jason took over driving from mom, then it was back and forth and splashing and thrashing. Finally Jason and Chris sent Grandpa in with his Rhino to push the first one out. He did just that, and got stuck right where mom had, so we turned mom's around and pulled Grandpa out. At this point Chris called over and said his cylinder was dry but he couldn't start it, he'd been having battery trouble all day. So they decided to float his quad straight over and then try to pull start it on our side. Chris waded into the pond to get close enough to the winch line that Jason threw to him and they pulled his machine through the water. Then Jason and Chris spend nearly 30 minutes working on Chris' quad and pulling it to get it going. In that time we fed the kids a snack and did a little exploring of the space nearby.

Chris and Jason decided that while they could get Chris' quad to start, too much water had gotten into the oil and it was not a good idea for him to drive it. so they said we had to tow it home. between Grandpa and Jason they decided to skip the beaver dam and head back to the house. So, back around the pond we went, first me, then Jason, then Grandma with three of the kids, we all got over rather easily this time as we had flattened out the deep ruts and knew our lines. Then it was time for Grandpa and Chris with the last rhino and the quad in tow. Chris rode in the rhino for the first 10 feet, then his quad tipped over and he basically swam back to it to flip it, then Georgie started to get upset so Jason waded in and sent Grandpa out with Georgie. Jason and Chris fought with the two machines for a bit and finally got them both to the homeward side. We all did a check and arranged our kids where they wanted to be, Kyler driving my quad again, and away we went.

Since we had covered the ground earlier the going was quick, Our quad burned a little oil and stank so Kyler and I took up the rear, and with him driving we slowly fell behind, but we were having fun and Kyler liked the pace, so we stuck with it, whenever the others hit a ditch or gully, we caught up to them pretty easy so it wasn't bad. I got to drive for a bit when K said his thumb got tired. We eventually got to the gravel road with hardly anything more then a push or two on Jason's bumper to get him out of a puddle (he had the only 2 wheel drive).

When we got home, we rolled up to the garage and parked everything then sat around outside and talked about the trip for a while. Then it was inside, and Jason started the steak dinner and we all went through the shower, K and I shared the shower stall. Dinner was good and The kids all ate well. They even went out and played on the trampoline for a while. Then Kasmira reminded Jason that he promised to setup the tent if it was not raining, so he went and got the tent, and we all helped get it setup for the kids to sleep in, Kyler had asked to join them, and was told he could. So Georgie, Kasmira and Kyler were put to bed in the tent and us adults sat outside nearby with drinks and listened to them, scolding as needed. Eventually Georgie asked to sleep with Matea in the trailer and Kasmira was disciplined and sent to her bed in the house, leaving Kyler, asleep alone in the tent. We decided that I ought to sleep with Kyler out in the tent, so that's exactly what I did, I got some bedding and headed out there when everyone else headed for bed. That'd be around 10 local time I figure.

Kyler had had an awesome day and really enjoyed everything and had been very well behaved.

Miranda's email - July 2nd:

Today is Saturday so it started with our typical "Saturday morning breakfast" with dad and his group. Smitty's is under construction but it worked out well. We had breakfast (with one pee break in the middle) and then came home. On the way out of the parking lot Q announced that he saw a "hooker". Which we all started to laugh. I was looking for scantly clad women, Jack for a tow truck and Q turned out to be talking about the anchors that are on decoration on the light posts :)

We went home and happen to meet mom as she was ready to go. Q was so sad she was leaving for work and said he wanted to go too. Took nana's hand and off they went! Q put on his shoes and went to work. He worked with mom for about an hour and a half or so then J and I picked him up.

While he was gone J and I went to the mall. Jack got 2 new pairs of shorts, 2 new shirts and 2 wicking shirts as a "swim shirt" for the pool. As well as 4 new books (buy 3 get the 4th free!). I stopped at Reitmans and got new pants and 2 new tank tops. Both Jack and I managed to get in with Simone to get our hair cut. We hit up the dollar store (long sparklers, a lighter, and a travel deodorant and razors for mom's house for me) and then Canadian Tire (for black spray for the kids bike decorations).

Then we went to the paint supply place and checked out some colours and found some nice ones. We had Mom look at them and basically between 3 different people and 5 colours everyone picked the same colour! So that's the one. They did suggest that we buy it in Toronto so I think Q and I will go and pick it up on Wednesday night instead.

We picked up Q and J and Q went to Williams and then we headed home. Q had cookies and licrious for lunch and J and I went back to the mall for our hair cuts. Then over to the dutch shop and then to the bank.

After we got home Q took Dad outside to play on the swings and I went upstairs to check my email for a bit and fell asleep! I woke up at 5pm when mom got home! Opps!!

I went for a swim with Q, Nana and Jack while Dad BBQ'ed some burgers and hotdogs for us to eat and we had supper in the gazebo! When supper was over we all got changed and Q told Nana she had no "good toys" so off to Toys R Us we went! We got some new playmobile stuff, some chuggington toy and a race car track for hot wheel cars!

After there we went to Canadian Tire and picked up some tissues, mean green and a new beach umbrella. We paid and on the way out noticed how dark it looked outside. We walked to the other side of the mall to get some popcorn and then we saw it... insane rain! We had to google to see the radar and such and mom called dad about it. WE found out the wind was so bad it blew the gazebo over and Jack and Dad even went out and put it back'ish. There was hail and crazy stuff. We watched at one of the doors and it looked like a tornado was going through the parking lot! We waited it out in the mall. We got some ice cream, waited some more, went to the bookstore and found some chunggington books and waited some more, played in the kids are and... then left! We packed everything up and headed out to the car. We went home and along the way we saw trees down, some serious damage to some signs and such. It was crazy!

Then Mom and I started to work on the bike stuff while Dad, Jack and Q played with the new toys. Mom got all the gears cleaned up but we can't get that one off the other wheel! It's driving me bonkers! Anyway we went to Walmart around 9:45pm or so to find a chain and they had nothing :( So on Monday I think I'm going to go to the bike store and see if they have an old one I can have for free.

When we got home I found out Q passed out on Jack lap so he was up in bed. I cleaned up the kitchen, got the grease off my hands and then went to bed.

I"m just heading off to bed. I hope you guys had a great day!

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