Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 8th - Friday - Chill Day!

Something I forgot to say was about these serious storms we had on Saturday night (the week before). Some people from the church were worried that something had happen to the equipment there so we made plans to go and check it out.

Arnold went to work a bit later than normal but he did get there :) It was a short day for him. He was in a bit late and then he got to "leave early" to go to the company party. What a "hard" day at work, esp after a vacation1

The boys and I chilled at home. After hearing that K was having a rough day we figured it would be good to do nothing so we did just that... nothing! We stayed home and chilled out.

Grandma had sent home some new Lego sets so the boys spent the morning doing that while we chilled out! I began moving things to the basement during the day and doing some gardening.

Once Arnold did get home we went to RONA and got more paint for the nursery and a few things at the house. Then we headed back home. The boys and Arnold did some more work in the basement and I mowed the back lawn for a while.

Arnold and I were up working on the basement until about 11pm or so then off to bed.

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