Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 3rd - Letters To Eachother

Arnold's email:

Sunday is where we are at now, Last we left Kyler and I in the tent sleeping. Well we woke up around 8:00 in the morning to the pitter patter of rain. We rolled around for a bit then went into the house where there were only a few people awake. So the kids played together for a bit. Everyone slowly made it into the house. At some point in the morning we started a movie for the kids and when everyone was awake and dressed we said it was time to go to town for breakfast.

Kyler and Matea and I all got to ride in Jason's truck one last time. We went to the Horizon inn for a good breakfast. When we were all done, Grandma, Grandpa, Kyler and I all got into the car and started the long trip home. We slept and drove and played games on my phone and generally occupied ourselves all the way, when we got home, we went downstairs and played some Lego. We had some pizza after a bit.

Then after supper Grandpa took out one of his computers and hooked it up to the TV and Kyler worked on learning to Fly an airplane for nearly 2 hours. After Grandpa was long gone to bed K decided to try out an Indiana Jones game for the WII. He loved it, and played it for a half hour or so before bed time. Then it was bed

Miranda's email:

What a day! This morning I got to sleep in a bit. Q got up sometime and went right to Nana and Papa's room for some play time. Somewhere he got downstairs picked up his new toys and brought them upstairs again. Papa eventually got up to play with "ACTION CHUGGA!"

I slept until about 8:45am when I got told by Q it was time for breakfast. I got down there and asked where breakfast was, he informed me it wasn't ready yet! WHAT! what on earth was he thinking bringing us down before it was on the table. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast and then outside I went. I spray painted the canvas(and some of the black pieces. Back inside to get ready for church. Q and I got our teeth brushed changed our clothes and were back downstairs shortly before 10am. We were out the door and in the car by 10am and on the road.

we went to church. Q did great. Even though he is 4 and can go with the 2-5 group he stayed with Nana and her bag of tricks. He played with some new playmobil things (fireman and police man), coloured in her book, read his chuggington books and then the service part was over. Q and I went for a "bathroom break" while they did communion. We visited with a friend of mine Sarah, whose family moved to Fort McMurry a few years ago. Her and her hubby (and family) must have passed you in the air! They came in on Thursday and go out on Thursday. They have 3 kids! I was shocked. I got to visit with Jody as well and her new baby girl. Then it was time to head out. We went home.

Jack had some friends he was going to visit in the park so he went out after church on the bike from the basement and using Q's bike lock (which he had to get special permission to use!). We fed Q and ourselves and I put Q down for a nap. He was *SO* tried he was crying and crying and crying. Mom and I went out after he went down. We did Canadian tire and got a bike chain, break wire and a clock. I picked up some shin guards for K and some socks (BTW did I tell you Amber is coming for soccer camp?).

Then out to Zellers to find some sheets to make the bike sheets and we found the best duvet sets ever! We got those along with some grey pillowcases that mom will put the bike stuff on. I'm excited for moving them over.

When we got home we figure out where the things were going on the canvas and we went through the layouts. Mom and I made a deal. She scrapbooks everything we do "together" so family reunions, camp heslops, christmas, thanksgiving, ect. And I do everything on our own. No more sharing photos. So today I went through all the layouts she had done from 2000 to 2010 and pulled some I liked. Some needed to have photos taken so she could "redo" them for the girls or Jack. And some were fine to go. I did get a HUGE box of layouts that aren't filled yet. Mom and I are going to fill some the next few days of printing off photos at camping and just getting them to work out ok. I'm excited for it. At least I will have ALOT of photos done!

When Q got up from his nap we went in the pool. He is getting to be a great water baby! he can jump off my legs and do a cannon ball. It's so cool! I'm very proud of him! Now if he would just remember to stop wearing his underwear under his bathing suit it would be better!

We came inside to relax and get Q warm. He watched Jane and the dragon and then we had supper outside. Q went and helped nana pack the RV. I swear he put everything in there, including the kitchen sink!!

Around 9pm we got Q off to bed. He is sleeping in his own room tonight. I'm excited for that. I'm enjoying closing the bedroom door!

Anyway I've done some more layout checking, pulling boxes up from the basement and just general cleaning. We leave tomorrow at 12:30pm and we are gone until Tuesday around 5pm. We haven't planned on a supper tomorrow since Q has So many things he wants to cook on the BBQ.

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