Wednesday, July 27, 2011

June 30th - Letters to each other

While everyone was apart we wrote letters/emails to each other. Here's the e'mails:

Arnold's e'mail June 30th:

We've been having a good day, we started at the airport pretty good, we waited maybe 15 minutes in line to check our bags and get our tickets. Tickets were easy to get, just showed my license and it was all good. Kyler was quite interested in the conveyor belt that the bags left on. After we got our tickets, we went and sat down in a cafe near the windows and watched the planes while I sent some last minute texts and emails.

We moved to security screening and didn't have to wait at all, Kyler was able to see the x-rays of some bags going through, which he thought was pretty cool. Then it was a walk to the gate. we got to the gate around 8:00 and brought our tickets to the agent to get them adjusted to get us seated together.

Next we went to the bathroom and changed, then did a short walk around the gate area and back to our gate to take some pictures of our plane and then pre-boarding. Boarded the plane, and found our seats, Kyler settled down pretty quick, a couple pictures with his camera and getting his headphones and we were good.

Once we got underway everything was good, K and I watched "Rango", then had beverage service, then Kyler watched 'diary of a wimpy kid' he took alot of pictures of the inside of the plane for you and Quinton. Neither of us could really sleep. We arrived nicely in Calgary, and waited a little as we disembarked. As we left the plane we talked to a stewardess and asked to see the cockpit, She asked the pilots and they agreed, so K stepped into the cockpit and looked around. Then we made our way to the baggage claim, where we saw grandma right away. our bags were the 3rd and 4th off the plane, so we were under way pretty quick, we headed to Airdrie and got some lunch at Tim Hortons.

Once we got to Grandma's house she gave us the tour, Kyler noticed the electric Lego train set, so once we were done the tour we went back to the lego and we setup the train set. I started to work on building one of my old favorite sets of Lego, Mom and Dad told me to take a couple sets home if I want.

Later Grandpa came home and we talked for a bit and then had supper, Ginger Beef and Sweet and sour Pork and rice. After dinner we got vanilla pudding (K's choice). We went out to the garage and hung out for a bit, K noticed some tennis rackets, so he was playing with them in the garage, Grandpa asked if he wanted to take them to the park. So we went to the park nearby, Played there for a while, K found a cool monkey bars that are X shaped, he had a blast on that then he and Dad took one racket up a hill and hit the ball down the hill to me, which I returned.

From the Park we followed a trail down to a nearby lake walking and talking. Ended up being nearly an hour walk. When we got back, we went down for some more lego, then upstairs and played some games, tic tac toe on my phone, and then memory and "go fish" with Grandma. Just now we've finished a couple of episodes of "inspector gadget" and we're getting ready for bed.

I hope you guys have had a good day as well.

Miranda's e'mail June 30th:

After we dropped you off we got back on the highway and headed out of the city. It was kinda busy for a bit then slowed to nothing and no-one on the highway. We enjoyed that stretch. We stopped at McDonalds and had a bathroom break and picked up something to eat and got back in the car. Q had a "hotcake" and with his breakfast we got a toy as well. He has been loving this little ball toy. It expands to be a "dragon". I managed to get all of our breakfast for $4.00 :) I love coupons!

We didn't stop again until Sarnia. When we got here around 10am or so we went to Canadian Tire, used the washroom and looked for a new pool thermometer for Dad and had *no* luck. I called the house and no one was home so I called Mom's cell. She was at Zellers. We went right there and met up with here. Did some more shopping (Q got a new towel, hat and some bubble blowers) and found a non-cool thermometer for the pool. Then we went to addition elle and got mom a new red shirt, and I got 2 new sun dresses :) Mom is going to wear one today and I'm going to wear the other. The coupons I had (2 of the 25.00 off ones) worked great, the other 2 (buy 100.00 get 50.00) expired on the 21st :( But that's alright. Mom ended up buying that as well. Then we went next door to Bonnie Togs and got some new shorts and T-shirts for Q. I was going for just shorts (they had a 2 for 10 thing going on) but nothing out there really "fit" him. Then I forgot to look for the elastics inside the pants so I got suck with 2 pairs of shorts that don't fit him (size 5s). But that's alright. A safety pin and we are set to go!

We went right home and had a "break". I got the car, generally, unloaded and in the house. Q entertained mom for a bit. Then dad came home (was running around town) and we visited for a while. You wouldn't guess this but he bought 4 new chairs :) With our 2 they have a complete "set" now.

We had some cookies and went in the pool with Sarah who came to visit. Mom brought out some cookies and raspberries and water and we found the orange and black boat for Q and blew it up and Q went inside and floated around the pool. We hung out for an hour or so doing that then we went out. Q stayed home with Dad and Mom and I went to the stores to buy a few more things. We got home and started cooking. We made cupcakes, a reduction sauce, jello (just the first few rounds) and then took another break. Well I did. Mom sent me upstairs cause I was yawning so much.

Then back down to do another jello mix and make supper (a variation of our asparagus meal from last week). After supper we went to Grandma and Grandpas house for a quick visit and home again.

We came home and Dad cleaned up the kitchen and mom and I went for another swim with Q to try and wear that poor boy out! No such luck, however he did do a better swim this time around!

When we got out we got everyone into pjs and Q played with the wii and Mom and I did some more work in the kitchen and decorating and got some of the last of the jello done. I went and picked up Jack at the train station around 10pm and then home and finished the last layer of jello and then off to bed. Well sort of. I was in bed when you called and checked my e'mail and went to sleep.

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