Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Camp Day #5 - Thursday

The kids were up around 7am. We had breakfast and started to get dressed for soccer camp. The kids are getting really good at getting everything on. I’m impressed. We found all our clothes from the dryer and got dressed. After brushing our teeth and getting Ambers hair done everyone grabbed their booster seats and headed over to Mary D’s house. The kids got into the van and off they went. I got home and finished cleaning and getting the house ready.

I’m so blessed to have Mary behind us! She drove the kids in and picked them up for me today. Arnold took the car to work. He was going to pick up Jenn and Jason and family.

It was *SO* hot today that I actually cooked an egg (well 2) on the driveway! 1 was in a frying pan and one was on a spray painted square. Gross but cool!

The kids came home and everyone checked out the egg and then we got them in their bathing suits and into the backyard for the sprinkler fun!
I got the BBQ started once Arnold told me he was almost home with everyone. I got to say hi to Jenn and Jason and hold Alyssa! She is *SO* sweet! I love babies!

We had burgers and hotdogs for supper and the after the kids got to visit with Mya and show her all the duplo and play around we finally got our 3 to bed. Not that they wanted too but we did.

Arnold and I stayed up and visited with our guests and around 10:30pm Arnold went to bed. I followed around 11pm. Around then Mya finally fell asleep so everyone in our house was in bed by midnight!

It was so fun to see the kids interact with each other and to see Jenn and Jason.

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