Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 16th - Saturday, July 17th - Sunday

Arnold and I had a GREAT date! We went to IKEA and put the kids in the play area. We only got a half hour but it was so much fun! We had a great time. Then we picked up the kids and did lunch at IKEA, did another walk through IKEA and went home.

We picked up a few thing and I got changed into my painting clothes. Claudia needed help painting posters for soccer camp. We went to church and dropped me off. I painted from about 1pm until about 4:30pm. While I was there the kids went to a local splash pad. They had so much fun.

We got home, had supper and started putting some IKEA stuff together. It was so much fun.

The kiddos went to bed and we did shortly after as well.

Sunday -

We went to church in the morning (after doing some touch ups around the house). I got the nursery set up a bit more and made sure it was going alright. Arnold did the sound for church and I got to listen to a service. It was alot of fun. Sometimes it's so hard after missing church so much during the summer.

We went home and had lunch and did some more cleaning and a nap. Amber came around 6pm and we visited with Aunt B for a bit and then she went home. We finally had everyone in beds by 8:00pm! They talked forever... more to come.

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