Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Camp Day #4 - Wednesday

We were all a bit sluggish today. My alarm actually woke me up this morning. Quinton and Arnold were eating breakfast so I joined them after giving the other 2 a wake up call. Shortly we had everyone up, used the washroom and sitting down for some cereal.
Once you were done eating your job was to put your dishes away, go potty and brush teeth, get shorts on, come claim your clean shirt and clean socks and get dressed.

It didn’t take long to get off track but we did it! And were out the door by 8am. We got our car seats and headed over to our friends house. They are driving the kids in to soccer camp today. I’m going to pick them up cause she has to leave early today anyway.
While we were waiting for the “Big kids” (Anna and Sam) to come out Amber asked me why they still live at home. I explained that they are “that” big and that they still lived at home. Here’s the best part (and watch out Becca) I asked when she was going to leave home. She said when she was the same age as her mom, 31 years old. Oh baby! I can’t wait to see that one pan out!

I also informed the kids that today is PIZZA DAY! We are having pizza for supper tonight (it’s customer appreation day and the pizzas are SO cheap!). Amber was telling us every Tuesday her daddy calls in the order and she gets to have pizza. What a lucky girl. Now the boys want to start that tradition! Hummm we are going to have to think about that one.

I’m about to start my busy day of running all over town and getting some things done. Now that I have to pick the kids up from soccer camp tonight I’m going to leave the grocery part of the day until this afternoon 

I picked up the kids around 4:30pm. We came right home and got into the sprinkler. I made a call to the pizza store. Amber was super lucky today and had pizza 2 times today! Lunch was pizza for the kids group and supper was pizza too! We ordered 3 of their specials (3 toping large for 7.99) and a small cheese pizza for Amber. We have so many leftovers they were moved to the downstairs fridge!! A bonus of having 2 fridges!!
After supper everyone got changed into our pjs and we finished a movie and had dessert then it was time for bed. What a great night. Its just about 8pm now and the kids are in bed almost sleeping. Today was rough on everyone!

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