Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Camp Day #1 - Sunday

Our first day started today, Sunday. It was a fun day. Amber and Aunt B showed up around 6pm and the fun started right away! Amber came in the house and was off like a shot to play with the boys. I gave Aunt B a tour of the “new house” and then we headed outside to get the last things I needed. We had a lot of fun visiting. The boys played inside and then headed out to the back of the house and played on the playground out back. Slowly they made their way forward. We were still visiting with Aunt B and Uncle A got the sprinkler started on the neighbours yard. It is *so* dead! I’m getting worried if someone put a smoke butt on it that the lawn would just light up! So we gave it some water for a bit. The kids took their shoes off and RAN THROUGH! They had a lot of fun. The boys and Amber really enjoyed it so that’s a good thing. They played in the yard for about 1 hour or so and then we came inside. The girls across the road got home from the cabin and even got to visit for a bit!

We brought the kids inside and took off their soaking wet clothes. They are currently sitting in the tub. I’ll be washing those tonight and getting them ready for later in the week. The kids all got on their PJ’s and sat down on the couch. 3 bowls and 3 cups later and we had our snack tables ready. The kids are sitting down having their snacks from the Bulk Barn container and having something to drink. We put on Chuggington for 2 episodes. Then it’s time to settle into bed. Arnold and I are betting no actual sleeping until WAY later so we might as well start them now.

Update: The kids are all in bed by 8pm. Teeth brushed and ready for bed, talking a bunch and Arnold just went into stop their fun after we heard the words “PILLOW FIGHT!” Yeah… not today!Our goal is in bed by 8:30pm! Who knows!

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