Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Camp Day #2 - Monday

What a morning and it’s only 8am!

The kids were up early this morning so excited to go to soccer camp. Arnold fed them breakfast around 6:30am and I came up at 7am and they were just finishing up their food. All the dishes went away and then it was time to brush their teeth. So off the 3 went to brush their teeth.
Once that was completed and we explained to Amber that Soccer Camp is 5 days long, not just one, we got the kids dressed. Each was responsible for wearing shorts and shirts. Something they could run around in. Hopefully they all picked out the perfect clothes for themselves.
Then came the “line up” We got out their socks, shin pads, and shoes (for Q) and set them all up. Once we said goodbye to Uncle A/Daddy and got Ambers hair done we got on the couch and everyone put on their own shin pads. It took a bit of explaining on how it went but we got them on. Then the socks… that was fun. Each of the older kids said they could do it themselves but shortly after trying they all gave up.
While I got Q’s on Amber and Kyler got their sandals and hats into K’s backpack. Then I did Kylers socks and Q got his stuff in the bag. We got Ambers on and then the kids complained the pads were too tight! So everyone needed their pads adjusted and were ready to go. It didn’t take long after getting their runners on to head out the back door and get in some “practice” before going to camp.
We are going to be heading out shortly for camp. I’ll take some more photos of the kids before getting in the car and we should be set for now!
We got the kids to church and registered them in. I had to sign in the children and get their name tags, as well as shirts (we have a S, M, L so we can tell them apart!) as well as their water bottles! The kids LOVE that. They have handles on the outside to hold them and are able to keep it cool that way. Then we went down to the gym and got them in. I was ready to get kisses and hugs and no one wanted to give me any! Not fair! Obviously soccer camp is WAY cooler than mom!
I went home to work out and while I was there the kids walked down to a park not far from the church and did some soccer playing. They had a blast. When they came back they had lunch. About this time I arrived there again to do some painting in the nursery. The kids had lunch and their first “session” of Bible stories and such. The guys doing it are great! Then the kids split up. The older ones went to play outside while the younger ones went to arts and crafts and made …. Get this…. Pet rocks! Then they all went back into the gym for snack and switched (youngers outside olders arts and crafts). Once that was finished one more time in the gym for the VBS style. They had a lot of fun. We picked them up there.
Not only do I get my kids from a day of being away but I got 2 doz eggs (a donation to the church for the food bank but we don’t have one this week!) and 2 bottles of “fruit smoothie drinks”. Random but VERY nice!

We got home and the kids went inside and (their new favourite word) “stripped” in front of the washing machine and put their clothes in. They got into their bathing suits and headed out doors to cool off. I made supper and Uncle A showed up not too long afterwards. We had supper and the kids went back out the door again, dressed in PJ’s and hats!
The kids were in around 7:50pm and we got them to have their snacks and into bed. We even had time to read a book! Now it’s time to get them to sleep. I’m hoping they get to sleep quickly tonight because *I* need to sleep!

Hopefully they will be out by 8:30!

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