Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp Heslop 2011 Day #3 - Tuesday

We got an fast start to the day, a quick breakfast and then right into the pool. Miranda got an early start back to Toronto via Cambridge to drop Lisa off at her mom and dad's. Lisa had such a good time and we were glad to have her with us for a couple of days. Can that little girl ever talk away. Give her a few minutes of one on one time and she just starts to talk non stop.

After we got out of the pool, we helped Papa do some yard work and get the pool clean. Then we all headed inside to get started on our race gear. We made flags for our races, checkered flags, green flags, yellow flags and red flags. We also coloured a picture of all the things we are going to race. Today is bike races, so we had three things to do. Wash our bikes, decorate the bikes and race the bikes. A trip to the mall was needed to get things to decorate the bikes. We got streamers and spoke covers, ribbon and funny sponges. We also stopped at Canadian Tire to get some more things for the pool. At home we got buckets of soapy water and everyone washed their bikes. Kyler was our official bike washing expert and he told us what we should wash and what we shouldn't touch. After each bike was rinsed and placed into the sun to dry the campers changed into their bathing suits and it was into the pool to cool off. Nana had to exercise so we used a stop watch. The campers could swim but the couldn't ask Nana to do anything until the timer went off. Quinton was in a real singing mood and he used his super loud voice to sing to everyone in hearing distance. Kyler was experimenting with things that could go down the slide and Amber tried to catch me each time I ran by her man is she getting fast in the water.

The sun finally got the best of me so we got out of the pool for lunch and to decorate our bikes. Papa was a big help getting those spoke covers on. Kyler used a lot of ribbon on his bike so it looked very festive. Quinton was very independent thinking about how to decorate his bike, and I believe he only wanted blue spoke covers on this wheels. Amber was most happy with her barbie streamers and she make sure that Papa put the spoke covers on in a specific pattern. We went inside and played in the toy room for a couple of hours. I found a site that gave you ideas on how to make interesting brio track arrangements so we tried two of them. We got the trains going in every direction, over bridges, through tunnels and around tight bends. Later in the afternoon we went to the park with the bikes and had races on the tennis court. Everyone had fun. Kyler is so fast. Quinton knows how to shorten the track by turning around half way and following his brother back to the starting line. Amber is really working hard to get her bike going and keeping her head up. She wants to be good like her cousin and is upset that she isn't better. Her training wheels broke so we called the races to and end and went home. I picked up another set of wheels for her and we will work on biking more tomorrow.

The lego Wii game was the highlight of the evening. Quinton and I headed to the toy room to play. We worked on trains and played with the little people in the playhouse. Papa joined us and we got the trains racing around the track. After the campers got into their pj's we watched Handy Manny the big race dvd and then it was off to brush their teeth and take their vitamins. We had story time and everyone one fell asleep almost immediately.

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