Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 10th - moving day!

We got up early and got our moving day started. We took apart our bed and moved it to the basement. Once it was all down there we got the boys room ready to move over and cleaned up. We moved their bunk beds over and got them ready to go. The boys loved helping out and they love their "new" room.

We moved down a projector from church (one of the new ones Arnold was testing) and my computer and the boys had some lunch (left over pizza) and watched a movie while Arnold and I put a few more things up around the house and cleaned things up. It was nice to have time to clean up without the boys bothering us.

We finished decorating the boys room in the afternoon and they had their first nap in there. They loved it! Esp their new bedding and decorations!

I'll post pictures later!

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